We at Cheapflights strongly believe that everyone needs a holiday. Not just because these days we all seem to be working so much we hardly find any spare time to spend with our friends and family, but because we all need a change now and then. Do you recall the last time you felt carefree and truly happy? Do you remember the last time when you didn’t actually mind it being Monday morning? No?! Well, then get on right now, find a cheap ticket anywhere, pack your bags and go live your life…

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Thinking you’re not that spontaneous and reckon you need more persuading? Then read on…

You know it’s time you booked a trip if…

1. It’s only Monday and you’re desperate for a drink…

2. And Friday is the only day that you really feel alive.


3. You give yourself a little pep talk every morning knowing that your morning commute is going to be spent nestled under a man’s armpit.


4. When there is a guy ordering a grande extra hot skinny soy caramel latte with an extra espresso shot in front of you. And you’re waiting there and waiting. 3 minutes pass. Another 2 minutes pass. And. You’re waiting. And. The. Rage. Builds. And builds. And builds.


5. You can’t handle it when you recognise someone on your daily commute.


6. Your to-do-list resembles the first draft of a Stephen King novel.

7. You start spending what little money you have left on lottery tickets.

8. Co-workers give you sympathetic looks and keep asking you if you’re ok, because you just look so miserable.


9. The closest you’ve gotten to a beach recently is listening to the Ocean Waves playlist on Spotify.

10. When HR emails you to use up your holiday days because they don’t roll over.


11. You’re so translucent you get burnt in the moonlight.

12. When the smell of coconut reminds you of Bounty bars instead of suntan oil.


13. The suitcase in your room is being used to store a bunch of old VHS tapes.

14. Hearing about other people’s holidays doesn’t inspire you; it makes your eyes roll into the back of your head.


15. You think that long haul flights cost a fortune but in reality, you just haven’t checked to see this is not the case. We’re serious, check it out!

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16. The most exotic food you’ve sampled in recent months is your takeaway from down the road.


17. Throwing out the notion that you’ll ever need a beach body, you’re on your fourth tub of Ben & Jerry’s for the week.


Have you come to the conclusion that you definitely need a break? In need of some vitamin D and vitamin SEA? Then you’ve come to the right place. With the click of a button you can compare thousands of flight and hotel deals so you get the best possible prices. Give it a go and find out for yourself…

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About the author

Martin FlemingI’m an Australian writer who left his country after the cost of beer hit double figures. I’ve spent the last six months travelling the world and was most recently tricked into hiking the Inca Trail in Reeboks. I blame Tinder glitches for my loneliness. I like sharks.

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