5 adventures in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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Snowshoe Old Faithful, track wolves, attend a powwow, goggle at the Grand Prismatic Spring!

Here are five adventurous ways to see Yellowstone National Park. Rohit Chhiber took the amazing featured image, above.

Old Faithful - 5 Yellowstone adventures
Old Faithful. Photo: YellowstoneNPS

Snowshoe Old Faithful – January

During the winter Old Faithful is only accessible by snow coach (one of the 80 ways to see the world).

We can’t help but think there’s something more romantic about seeing this famous geyser erupt against the background of a snow-covered landscape.

It’s even better if you’ve just snowshoed 2.5 miles through the Upper Geyser Basin.

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Lower Falls 5 Yellowstone adventures
Lower Falls. Photo: daveynin

Hike Uncle Tom’s Trail – May

The 328 stairs shackled to the walls of Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon lead to an incredible perspective of the park’s Lower Falls.

The spectacular view here rivals the legendary Grand Prismatic Spring for the title of most breathtaking spot in the park.

Head here in May, and enjoy the view in relative peace.

Powwow - 5 Yellowstone adventures
Powwow. Photo: Jeff Kubina

Native American Powwow – June

The Wind River Reservation is one of the best places to catch a Native American powwow.

Once an important ritual of honour, today tribes use these traditional gatherings as a way of sustaining their culture.

Though the purpose may have changed, the pageants continue to orient around dancing and elaborate dress.

Horseback - 5 Yellowstone adventures
Horseback. Photo: amalakar

3-day Horseback and rafting adventure – August

This trip packs so many back-country experiences into one we don’t know where to begin.

The highlights include exploring Yellowstone on horseback, white-water rafting, a stay in a classic Montana cabin and a night camping beside the river.

Wolves - 5 Yellowstone adventures
Wolves. Photo: jurvetson

Track wolves – November

By late autumn the crowds have gone and adventurous souls have the Lamar Valley’s wild country practically to themselves. Well apart from the resident wildlife of course!

Based out in comfortable lodgings, visitors spend five days on the lookout for wolves settling into their winter territories, mass migrations of elk and bison to lower elevation, and a few grizzly bears searching for a last good meal or two before hibernation.

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