6 alternatives to the Cronut

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For those with cronut fatigue, we’ve found six other hybrid dessert options that will sate your sweet tooth

We reckon there are few people left in the world who haven’t been swept up by the cronut phenomenon. You’d have to be pretty far off-the-grid not to have heard of the hybrid dessert.

First invented in Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York, the hysteria-provoking pastry combines croissant dough with doughnut glaze and a swim in the deep-fryer.

We admit the end result is pretty near magical, but for those who have cronut fatigue, we’ve found six other hybrid dessert options that will sate your sweet tooth in new and inventive ways.

Best Alternative to NYC's Cronuts
How Bea’s of Bloomsbury makes a duffin. Make buttermilk and nutmeg batter. Bake in a dollop of raspberry jam. Then dip in melted butter and dust with sugar. Photo courtesy of facebook.com/BeasofBloomsbury

The Duffin

No hybrid dessert worth its salt (or sugar) comes along without a cheeky portmanteau name. The duffin’s been a source of contention: first sold by Bea’s of Bloomsbury in London, the half-doughnut, half-muffin was recently rolled out (and trademarked) by Starbucks.

Though there hasn’t been a formal resolution, we’re happy to exist in a world where multiple duffins can be found.

Best Alternative to NYC's Cronuts
The Crookie. Part croissant. Part Oreo Cookie. Photo courtesy of clafouti.ca

The Crookie

This pastry’s winning name accompanies its truly indulgent make-up. Croissant dough is also used as its base, though it’s filled with Oreo cookie pieces in lieu of pastry cream.

A single crowning Oreo adorns the top of the heart-stopping confection. Food questers can head to Clafouti Patisserie and Café in Toronto for a taste.

Best Alternative to NYC's Cronuts
Townies. Photo courtesy of facebook.com/BeasofBloomsbury

The Townie

Not to be undone by the duffin debacle, Bea Vo of Bea’s of Bloomsbury has pioneered another hybrid treat: the Townie, which marries the chocolaty gooiness of a brownie with the crumbly crust of a tart. The result? Frankenstein dessert heaven.

Best Alternative to NYC's Cronuts
The Muffle: waffles made from muffin batter. Photo: Dvortygirl

The Muffle

You guessed it: the muffle is a mix between a muffin and a waffle. Picture: tender, sweet muffin dough pressed into the grooves of a waffle maker and baked until the outside is crispy and golden, the inside warm and soft. Best of all, this one’s easy to make at home.

The Macanut

Perhaps not quite so easy to throw together as a home cook, the macanut combines macarons and doughnuts, taking the cuter-than-cute French confections and making them even more twee.

In this new invention, macaron shells have holes in the middle and are covered in sprinkles and sandwiched with strawberry jam buttercream. Adorable.

Best Alternative to NYC's Cronuts
The Pretzel croissant and hot chocolate by City Bakery. Photo: Kimberly Vardeman

The Pretzel Croissant

No silly name to accompany this one, but the pretzel croissant has won legions of fans for its addictive flavour and buttery, flaky consistency.

Made by City Bakery in New York (also widely regarded as having the best hot chocolate in the city), the pastry brings a savory edge to the hybrid dessert trend.

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