8 extremely extreme zip lines

8 extremely extreme zip lines

Zip-lining mingles high speeds with spectacular landscapes to combine for one thrilling and unforgettable experience.

From British Columbia’s snowy mountains to New Zealand’s Gravity Canyon, we’ve selected the eight most extreme zip lines in the world.


8 extremely extreme zip lines

Zip 2000 © Zip 2000


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Zip 2000, South Africa

South Africa is home to the one of the longest zip lines in the world, which offers spectacular views and a top speed of up to 100 mph (161 kph).

Those trying the activity for the first time can also opt to go in tandem with a loved one to make the experience less intimidating.


8 extremely extreme zip lines

Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park © Toro Verde


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Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, Puerto Rico

For the feeling of flying, try the Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park zip line, which offers lengths up to 4,745 feet (1,446 metres).

Guests can also combine their zip-lining experience with a tour of the park, including rappelling down to a waterfall and trekking across suspension bridges.


8 extremely extreme zip lines

Whistler Zip Line © Whistler Zip Line


Superfly Ziplines, British Columbia

Like the sound of snow-capped mountains and ice-frosted evergreens?

The zip line in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada’s longest, offers impressive views of the winter wonderland scenery below.


8 extremely extreme zip lines

Simatai Zip Line © zieak


Simatai Zip Line, China

Ever wanted to beat the crowds and see the Great Wall of China from above?

Try Simatai Zip Line, which provides a cultural and action-packed experience of the World Heritage Site, complete with unbeatable views.


8 extremely extreme zip lines

Icy Straight Point © DoodleMoon


Icy Strait Point, Alaska

Measuring more than a mile long, the Icy Strait Point zip line in Alaska takes visitors 300 feet (91 metres) over the village of Hoonah and the gloriously picturesque forests and waterways that surround it.

The rapid descent takes a mere 90 seconds, and zip liners achieve speeds of over 60 mph (96 kph).


8 extremely extreme zip lines

Flying Fox © Gravity Canyon


Flying Fox, New Zealand

This zip line is not for the faint of heart, as the impressive 100 mph (160 kph) speed and Superman-like flying position will have even the most courageous of adventurers thinking twice.

The view of Gravity Canyon, however, makes it all worthwhile.


8 extremely extreme zip lines

Skyline Zip Lines © Skyline Zip Lines


Skyline Zip Line, Canada

With a vertical drop of more than 100 metres (328 feet) and speeds of up to 86 mph (138 kph), The Skyline in Calgary offers top-notch views in the heart of the city’s Olympic Park.

It’s probably the closest most mere mortals will get to feeling like an Olympic ski jumper.


8 extremely extreme zip lines

The ZipFlyer © istock/thinkstock


The ZipFlyer, Nepal

Overlooking the Himalayas, the Seti River, and Machhapuchhre, this Nepalese zip line has a vertical drop of almost 2,000 feet (609 metres) and a distance of 1.2 miles (1,931 metres).

Before the ride begins, visitors also have the chance to trek to the top of a mountain and enjoy the views with a cup of coffee in hand.


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