9 photos that’ll make you want to jump on a plane to Bahrain

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So you think you know Bahrain? We’re guessing probably not. This off-the-radar destination hasn’t quite made it on to most people’s bucket lists. But Bahrain has definitely landed a place on ours. Why? For starters, it’s the only island nation in the Gulf, with an archipelago that’s home to an array of pristine islands that could easily be mistaken for the Maldives. Back on the mainland, you’ve got the capital Manama, home to over 5,000 years of history along with all the attractions you’d expect from a modern Middle Eastern capital – incredible shopping, lavish hotels and plenty of active pursuits. It’s Dubai, but on a much smaller scale, which means you’ll feel like you’ve discovered a hidden gem.

Still not convinced? We’re pretty confident these pictures will have you searching for the next flight over there in no time…

The islands are your own little paradise.

Manama, the capital, is impressive by day…


By night…


Or at any time of day, really…


There’s history around every corner…


And you’re not short of quirky, modern neighbourhoods.

The food is as fresh as it gets.


And these guys are just waiting to hang out.


All in all, it’s just pretty spectacular. Move over, Dubai.


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