Pani puri … Street food at Chandni Chowk

A full day in Delhi for foodies – what to eat, what to eat

While Delhi runs the gamut of world cuisines – in much the same way as you would expect of a major North American or European city – food lovers should aim their hunger squarely at its local cuisine.

Sure, for most Western palates the odd burrito or pesto penne – with a tastebud-defying Indian twist – makes a welcome break from the spice-laden nosh of the subcontinent.

But it would be criminal not to take advantage of such a unique melting pot of Mughlai, Punjabi and other North Indian delicacies. After all, there isn’t anywhere else in the world with such a concentrated collision of those cooking cultures.

Discover the best of Delhi’s food with this, our full-day itinerary for foodies.


The Imperial, Delhi

The Imperial, Delhi. Photo by sansovino


Stop 1: Kick your day off in the style of the Raj with a breakfast on the terrace of Delhi’s most prestigious hotel – The Imperial. Before heading off, be sure to take a few minutes to wander the hotel’s corridors and check out its incredible collection of historical artefacts (more than 3,000!). Hotel guests can also ask the house manager for a free guided tour.

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Samosas on the street, India

Delicious samosas. Photo by Magic-Lens


Stop 2: Begin the day’s culinary adventures by jumping in a rickshaw for the short ride to Chandni Chowk – Old Delhi’s busiest market. Here, be sure to sample some of the city’s best street food – especially samosas – as you squeeze your way through the packed, bustling street.


Bhaji, Indian food

Bhaji. Photo by प्रतीक


Stop 3: Soaking up Chandni Chowk’s manic atmosphere will work up your appetite for lunch. Luckily, the area’s best lunch spot, Karim’s, is just a short walk away. This old-school informal eatery has been serving meaty Mughlai cuisine right here in Old Delhi to those with more dash than cash since 1913.

Stop 4: Delhi’s afternoon heat demands refreshment, and in India that means tea. A good bet is the Triveni Tea Terrace (Triveni Kala Sangam, +91 11 3771 8833), where you sip sugar and cinnamon-loaded chai with a view of beautiful lawns.


Indian sweets

Indian sweets. Photo by robertsharp


Stop 5: Whether or not you have insatiable sweet tooth, make sure you drop by Bengali Sweet House (27-37 Ground Floor, Bengali Market, +91 11 2331 9224). India’s unique sweets might not be for everyone, but you can’t help but be impressed by the vast and colourful variety on display.

Stop 6: If, after all that, you still have an appetite for dinner, you can truly call yourself a foodie! For these dedicated few, there’s nothing better than watching the sun go down while dining al fresco at the Spice Restaurant at the Garden of Five Senses (Gate 3, 30 minutes by car from Old Delhi, depending on the traffic, +91 11 2953 3775).

Stop 7: Cap off the day in the city’s hottest bar, Zoo (Garden of the Five Senses, +91 98 7148 3835). Owned by Delhi models Sapna Kumar and Michelle Innes, it’s the hangout of choice for the city’s sleek and sassy.


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