Can you expect a free sandwich on your flight?

Use our handy table to see if you’re going to receive a snack on your flight. Or, if you’d be better off packing your own lunch and bringing it on board with you.

Something to note here: in general, when the prices are in euros, they’ll cost the equivalent in pounds.


Airline Meal policy Meal price Drinks
Aer Lingus Clodagh’s Kitchen for Bia on short-haul routes, complimentary (meals and soft drinks) on long-haul Breakfast €7.50sandwiches about €5 Soft drinks, hot drinks, wine, beer, cider and spirits all available to buy on short-haul and long-haul flights.
Air Berlin Free snacks, sandwiches and drinks on flights up to 4 hours. Free bagels, baguettes, nibbles and chocolate bars on longer flights. Two meals are served on long-haul flights. Gourmet snacks and meals cost from €6.50-€15. On flights longer than 60 minutes pre-ordered gourmet meals are offered. Free tea, coffee, soft drinks and fruit juice. There is also a selection of alcoholic drinks which can be purchased.
Air France Meals appropriate to flight length Free Free
Alitalia Snacks or light meals, dependent on flight length. Free Free tea and coffee. Pay bar. Free wine in Business Class
Iberia Choice of snacks and sandwiches. Hot meal on long-haul flights. Long-haul and international flights over 3 hrs 15 mins long include meals. Varying prices A selection of hot and cold drinks can be purchased.Pay bar
Lufthansa Snacks or meal depending on time of departure and destination. Free All free
British Airways Meals appropriate to flight length. Free All free
easyJet Snacks and sandwiches £2.50 muffin, £4.40 sandwich Tea and coffee £2.50, wine £4.40, beer £4 per can, spirits about £4, soft drinks from £1.50 to £2.50.
Flybe Snacks and sandwiches Varying prices – about £4 for a sandwich Wine, beer, and soft drinks available to buy
Germanwings Snacks and sandwiches Varying prices. A range of drinks is available to buy.
Jet2 Meals can be pre-booked for flights. Snacks and sandwiches are also offered. Varying prices A variety of hot and cold drinks to buy.
KLM A variety of regular meals, snack and beverages are served depending on the length of the flight. Free Free
Monarch In-flight main meals can be pre-odered. Toasties, paninis and snack can be purchased during the flight. Varying prices – toasties and paninis from £4.
Ryanair Snacks and sandwiches Varying prices. Hot and cold beverages as well as wine, beer and spirits available to buy.
Thomson Flights On short-haul flights there is a range of light bites and snacks available to buy. Long-haul flights of 7 or more hrs include meals. Hot and cold snacks ranging from £2.50 to £5. Indulgent treats and bar snacks are also available. Free on long-haul routes. Wine, beer, soft drinks and hot drinks available to buy.
Wizz Air Snacks and sandwiches Varying prices from the Wizz cafe. A range of refreshments available to buy.

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