Amsterdam fashion bloggers share their fashion tips

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Amsterdam is full of fashion talent. Here are more fashion bloggers sharing their style secrets

Amsterdam is full of fashion talent.  Here are some fashion bloggers sharing their style secrets. 

Anne Amsterdam

Tell us about yourself

Anne: I am Anne Britt de Wit, originally from a small town in the south of the Netherlands, but living in Amsterdam for the past five years. I recently graduated from AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) as a fashion designer and I’m devoting all my time setting up my own small T-shirt label. Next to that I’m a passionate fashion blogger always on the hunt for new styles, trends, brands and shops.

Ilse Danielle: My name is Ilse Danielle Martina, I am 22 years old and I live in Amsterdam (Holland). I have a big crush on fashion, sometimes I work as a model and I have a huge “bag” obsession!

Sabine: I’m a 23-year-old girl who lives in the centre of Amsterdam. At the moment I am studying theatre sciences at the University of Amsterdam and fashion styling at the Vogue Academy. My love for fashion, writing and photography has been growing in the past years and starting my own blog just felt like the right thing to do. It is my way of getting my thoughts down and sharing them with others.

What is fashion to you?

Anne: Fashion to me is more than just a piece of clothing. It evokes a certain charisma which you wouldn’t have without the clothes. In that sense, clothes really do make the man (or woman). Spending time on picking your outfit or shopping for it isn’t a crime for a modern woman in my eyes.

Isle Danielle, Amsterdam
Ilse Danielle

Ilse Danielle: For me fashion is a way to express myself. I think fashion 24/7. It all began when I started modelling, seeing all the newest collections and meeting interesting people. Then I started fashion school and blogging. And since day one I’ve been addicted to blogging.

Sabine: Fashion is not about following trends or dressing up the way others want you to. To me fashion is a way of expressing myself. The way you dress yourself can tell a lot about you. I have casual days for instance, when I am pleased to be wearing a T-shirt and some jeans. And there are days when I like to show myself or express myself more and wearing heels and a funky jacket just does the trick then. Of course I would lie if I say that I don’t look at the trends. I do! I love staying updated and getting inspired by looking at magazines, blogs, TV shows or just people walking on the streets. But spotting trends is certainly not what fashion is about. I believe that everyone is somehow connected with fashion, casually or in a more outspoken way. The most important thing is to feel good in the items you wear and carry them with confidence!

How does Amsterdam inspire your style?

Anne: Amsterdam is a mix of a lot of different cultures; it is even hard to define what is typically Dutch in this city. I love the laid-back kind of cool attitude of the people here, individuality is absolutely something highly appreciated. Therefore vintage stores do really well here offering more individual pieces against a low price. It’s not so much about the high segmented brands, it’s more about the unique personal brands and collaborations of labels that people in the industry and beyond are interested in. I often combine low segmented brands with vintage and unique pieces of a new label in that sense.

Ilse Danielle: Amsterdam inspires me because you see so many different cultures. Different cultures mean different styles.  Here in Holland we have four seasons so that means four times a year a whole new collection in the closet! I always take a few different bikinis and a few different sunglasses with me on holiday.

Sabine, Amsterdam

Sabine: The thing I love about Amsterdam (although this pretty much counts for many world cities) is that there are many different cultures and backgrounds to be found, which means many different inspirations!

What is your fashion tip for holiday?

Anne: Definitely a shopping area outside the main traffic you shouldn’t miss. In the centre of Amsterdam and less well known is Utrechtsestraat. These streets offer well-known brands such as COS and American Apparel but also self-owned boutiques and vintage shops (like Laura Dolls) that offer new brands you’ve never heard of. For the real fashion victims there is Waterlooplein and the Albert Cuyp where you can stroll down the market looking for accessories or vintage clothing every day of the week. Also Noordermarkt, only on Monday morning (from 9 to 12) will provide you with the most fashionable items with a good price.

Ilse Danielle: My holiday tips: Take a few different shorts and a few tops so you can easily mix and match. Also a different bag or jewellery can spice up a simple outfit. Last but not least: Collect mini’s from your daily crème’s to take with you on holiday.

Sabine: This really depends on what kind of trip I’m going. This year for instance I went to India and I got my holiday wardrobe all wrong! I should have taken more plain, sleeveless tops and scarves (to cover my shoulders) instead of tops with sleeves. The heat was really something! But generally speaking, it is always good to bring some casual clothing items (some plain shirts and tops for instance) along with some more outspoken pieces (think about textures, colours, beadings, prints). Mixing and matching these two will create cute summery outfits. Don’t forget accessories to finish your outfits and a warm knitted pullover or cute blazer in case of cold nights (Amsterdam definitely has many of those!).

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