A coffee fan who loves to travel? There’s no better way of taking the pulse of a city than by having a cup of its coffee.

Our Cheapflights Coffee infographic is for travellers who don’t know a Flat White from a Red Eye and it’s stuffed full of fascinating facts about our daily grind.

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Here’s a few quick facts that’ll make you think:

  • On average, American coffee drinkers consume 3.5 cups per day.
  • Seattle has 10 times more coffee shops PER PERSON than the rest of the USA.
  • In the 1920s, coffee stalls were removed from the streets due to their assocations with crime.
  • You won’t spend hours in an Italian coffee bar. Drink standing up and then go.
  • In the south of Italy, short and strong espressos are popular. In the north of the country milky coffees are popular.
  • When in Rome – or any other part of Italy – drink milky coffee in the morning and NEVER after a meal.
  • Germany is the second-highest importer of coffee in the world. The USA is Number 1.
  • The British introduced coffee to Malaysia in the 1800s. There, in tune with local tastes, it’s served thick and sweet with condensed milk.
  • Irish coffee (with whiskey and cream) was invented in 1942; a way to cheer up passengers during a bout of bad weather.
  • Why do people live so long on the Greek island of Ikaria? Researchers say it’s down to drinking a cup of coffee every day.


About the author

Olga SzokeOlga is a Hungary native, but London liver who often travels with her young family and enjoys tracking down under-discovered gems.

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