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The FIFA World Cup 2014 will see plenty of football-hungry fans flooding into Brazil this summer – but where will they kick back and relax? Luckily for everyone, there are plenty of beautiful beaches scattered along the coast, from the famous strips of golden sand to peaceful powdery coves. Read ahead for our selection of the best beaches in Brazil.

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Jericoacoara, Ceará

Originally cultivated as a small and inconspicuous fishing village, Jericoacoara was designated a national park in 2002 to help preserve its natural splendor. Overcome the sand dunes and you’ll reach a hidden paradise of clear tropical water, golden sand and hammocks. Climb the sand dunes and watch the sunset each evening and then party down on the beach.

Jericoacoara © fredcardoso/iStock/Thinkstock (
Jericoacoara © fredcardoso/iStock/Thinkstock

Praia dos Carneiros, Pernambuco

The family-owned Praia dos Carneiros is neither crowded nor spoiled by tourism – absolute serenity reigns. A moderate entry fee guarantees you access to pristine white sands that slope into tranquil, warm shallows ideal for bathing.

Praia dos Carneiros © Jose Tejo/iStock/Thinkstock ( )
Praia dos Carneiros © Jose Tejo/iStock/Thinkstock

Ipanema, Zona Sul, Rio de Janeiro

You can’t miss the beauty at Ipanema – at least according to the famous Bossa Nova song. This Brazilian landmark made the country famous, celebrated for its heady mix of golden tanned bodies, beautiful shoreline and baking hot sun.

Ipanema © marchello74/iStock/Thinkstock (
Ipanema © marchello74/iStock/Thinkstock

Alter do Chão, Pará

Venture a little farther for a more remote experience, cruising up the Amazon to the stunning beach at Alter do Chão. Bordered by a dense tropical rainforest, this beach is essentially a lone bank of vivid white sand that runs into  crystal-clear,turquoise waters. We call that paradise – and so will you.

Alter do Chão © Lisa Cyr/flickr (
Alter do Chão © Lisa Cyr/Flickr

Praia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha

Often heralded as the very best of Brazil’s beaches, Praia do Sancho is accessible only via boat, rock scrambling or ladders fixed onto the steep cliff wall. It may be hard to reach but the combination of clear shimmering waters and fine golden sand is magical, and the tropical depths are worth trying to explore.

Praia do Sancho © Jorge in Brazil/flickr (
Praia do Sancho © Jorge in Brazil/Flickr 

Trindade, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

For something a bit more unusual try Trindade, where the lush rainforest of the Costa Verde infringes upon the sand. There’s plenty here to keep the laziest beach bum active, from deep-sea diving to kayaking and surfing, or you could simply relax amid the sculpted rock formations dotted along the shore.

Trindade © Otávio Nogueira/flickr (
Trindade © Otávio Nogueira/flickr

Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco

Porto de Galinhas is a perennial winner of “Best Beach in Brazil” and it’s easy to see why. This expansive stretch attracts beach-goers of every caliber – from tourists en masse to independent wanderers – primarily for its stunning reef pools, which are great for snorkeling and diving.

Porto de Galinhas © Eduardo Leite/iStock/Thinkstock (
Porto de Galinhas © Eduardo Leite/iStock/Thinkstock 

Taipu de Fora, Bahia

The golden stretch of coastline along Bahia is blessed with numerous picturesque beaches, of which Taipu de Fora is one. Low tide here exposes vivid turquoise reef pools, where intrepid snorkelers can observe multiple varieties of tropical fish.

Taipu de Fora © Uffa55/iStock/Thinkstock (
Taipu de Fora © Uffa55/iStock/Thinkstock


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