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Best Places to Drink for Free in Vegas

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People say there’s no such thing as a free meal, but what about a free drink? For those who prefer their booze to their food, the legendary casinos of Las Vegas offer unlimited free drinks to anyone who’s gambling, and are a destination of themselves. It doesn’t matter whether you’re spending pennies on a slot machine, or dishing out some serious dough – just remember to tip the cocktail waitress (at least a dollar per drink, or $5 to kick off the service) and let the good times roll.


The iconic Bellagio resort is about as flashy and imperial as they come in Vegas, and has the cocktail menu to match. Sweet-toothed offerings are a favourite here, including the strawberry margarita and deadly frozen mudslide. Beware how fast you guzzle them down, as these heavenly drinks are more intoxicating than you may think.

Strawberry Margarita © Ivan Mateev/iStock/Thinkstock

Strawberry Margarita © Ivan Mateev/iStock/Thinkstock

Wynn Las Vegas

Rumoured to be one of the best free drinks available on the strip, the fabulous Wynn Las Vegas serves up a chocolate martini that is to die for. Their marginally less sweet espresso chocolate martini comes in close second. And boy do they make a mean authentic mojito – fresh mint leaves and no mixers here.


As the sibling resort to the Wynn Las Vegas, Encore promises more of the same. Prepare yourself for gallons of silky White Russian, phenomenal Bloody Marys, and some top-shelf frozen drinks to boot. Note that neither the Wynn nor the neighbouring Encore offer complimentary drinks to guests playing video poker at the bar, whereas other casinos do not make this exception.


The Aria towers like a jewel over the parched Nevada desert, enticing thirsty gamblers with an oasis of free drinks. Whatever your poison, the palatial Aria casino has it all – but punters swear by the punch of their strawberry margaritas.


Renowned as the biggest and best party hotel on the strip, it’s no wonder the Cosmopolitan boasts a generous open bar. With chocolate martinis to rival those at the Wynn, and A-list celebrity clientele, load up on freebies in the casino before heading to the famous in-house nightclub Marquee, which boasts some of the world’s top DJs.

Paris Las Vegas

You simply can’t miss the landmark Paris Las Vegas, where the gaudy mock Eiffel Tower rises incongruously above the strip. Questionable architecture aside, the Paris casino is an iconic gambling experience, fuelled with – you guessed it – a bounty of free drinks. Don’t leave before you’ve sampled their famous concoction of pina colada, it’s not French, but neither is anything else here.




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