Best winter escapes: Stunning destinations to beat the winter blues

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Summer is well and truly over, the dark nights are here to stay, you’ve had to dig out your winter coat again (probably with last year’s rubbish still in the pockets) and you’re starting to wish that you could have just a couple more months in the sun. At Cheapflights we feel your pain and have decided to help you out with an eBook featuring the best long-haul and short-haul destinations all over the world to soak up the sun and escape for a while…

Don’t worry if you think your wardrobe isn’t quite up to scratch for a trip to the beach though, we’ve enlisted the help of Simply Beach to offer advice and tips on what to pack and how to look great. It’s not just the hot places we’ve covered either, if you’ve ever wanted to see the Northern Lights or work on a ranch in the USA, you’re going to like it too. Our friends at Medway Leisure Travel and See The Northern Lights have given us expert advice on how to track down the Aurora and see one of the greatest spectacles of the natural world.

The eBook also contains practical information you’ll need for all of our destinations. For example, many people prefer to visit Dubai in the winter months as the temperature hovers around the 30C area as opposed to 40C+ during the height of summer, while Florida can be prone to hurricanes and tropical storms during the spring and summer, making winter the perfect time to go for many people.

If you’re planning a winter break, or simply want to let your mind wander, you can download the eBook here (1.57mb).

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