Famous rivers you can swim in

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Who needs a beach? In hot weather, take a dip in a historic river

You can swim in any river, but you’d be a darned fool. Many have carnivorous beasts and deadly parasites as well as fast powerful currents that might sweep the inexperienced away.

Luckily there are a few rivers where you’ll probably survive and even some where a dip is encouraged. So, without further blabbing, here are a few famous rivers in Europe you can swim in.

Rivers you can swim in
Looking down on the River Rhine in Basel, Switzerland. Photo: Andrew Evans
Famous rivers you can swim in
Photo: knickinoptik

The Rhine

This famous river flows through Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands and by the time it gets to the end, you probably wouldn’t want to sniff it.

But near its start in Switzerland, the part of the Rhine that flows through Basel is host to a large annual swimming competition every August as well as weekly swimming tours throughout summer.

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Famous rivers you can swim in
The Danube from near the Weltenburger Kloster in Bavaria. Photo: Bernt Rostad
River Danube
The Danube between Hungary and Slovakia. Photo: Claudio Saavedra
Famous rivers you can swim in
The Danube in Budapest. Photo: lyng883

The Danube

Although marathon swimmer Martin Strel swam the length of the Danube in protest at water pollution, much of the river is reasonably clean. The closer you are to the source in Germany’s Black Forest, the better, but people still enjoy a swim as far as Novi Sad in Serbia.

Famous rivers you can swim in
Photo: Olivier Letourneux
Famous rivers you can swim in
Pont Jacques-Gabriel in Blois. Photo: Daniel Jolivet

The Loire

The longest river in France runs through many picturesque spots amid chateaux and grassy hills, most notably the Loire Valley. Many sections and tributaries have designated swimming areas, such as in Touraine, but the currents are too dangerous in other parts such as Amboise.

(Featured image by Daquella manera)

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