Frankfurt transforms for the Luminale Festival

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It may not sound like the event of the year, but Luminale Frankfurt has to be seen to be believed

This past weekend saw the start of Luminale Frankfurt – a five-day lighting festival with a difference. It may not sound like the event of the year, but Luminale Frankfurt really has to be seen to be believed.

Taking place once every two years, Luminale Frankfurt runs alongside Light+Building – a trade show held at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre.

Running until 20 April, Light+Building sees 2,100 exhibitors and more than 183,000 visitors descend on the city for the trade fair.

Luminale Frankfurt

The visitors are made up largely of architects, interior designers, planners, engineers and artists, but the technology and innovation on display is bound to impress everyone in attendance.

As the name suggests, Light+Building is all about lighting, architecture and electrical engineering. But this isn’t your average home show, as exhibitors display the most cutting-edge solutions and ideas for both commercial and residential buildings.

Luminale Frankfurt

But while Light+Building is the place to go in order to learn about these futuristic ideas, many visitors also come to see the rest of Frankfurt.

The entire city is transformed into a world-class lighting display throughout the duration of the trade show, with the whole of Frankfurt becoming one big art exhibition.

Artists and lighting experts come together to light up Frankfurt’s buildings in a magical display of colours, shapes and animations.

Luminale Frankfurt

The last time the event was held, in 2010, more than 150 buildings throughout the German city took on a totally different look as they were lit up in a variety of different ways.

Luminale Frankfurt is set to be bigger and better than ever this year, with no building safe from the illumination treatment. So, for a trade show with a difference, combined with one of the most temporarily colourful cities you’ll ever visit, Luminale is the place to be.

(Images: Messe Frankfurt GmbH)

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