High-rise Frankfurt – 5 of the best ways to see the skyline

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Here are five of the best ways to appreciate Frankfurt’s high-rise skyline

The Bundesbank, the European Central Bank and a stock exchange may all be here, but it’s Frankfurt’s skyscrapers that immediately mark it out as one of the world’s business capitals.

Together they’re so iconic that downtown Frankfurt has been dubbed “Mainhattan” – a clever nod to the Main River, which flows through the city. Here are five of the best ways to appreciate Frankfurt’s high-rise skyline.

Frankfurt skyscraper festival
Frankfurt skyscraper festival

Skyscraper Festival

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or rule to the frequency of this two-day event typically scheduled in May. But thankfully its attractions are more predictable. A street festival pays homage to all things up in the air with high-wire acrobats, climbers, hot-air balloon rides and spectacular light shows. For many, the best part of the festival is gaining access to the city’s skyscrapers, which are normally restricted to those who work in them. The twin towers of Deutsche Bank, the main office of Commerzbank, Messe Torhaus, the Westend Tower, Tower 185, the Eurotower and the Main Tower are all opened to guided tours.

The view from the Main Tower, Frankfurt, Germany
The view from the Main Tower, Frankfurt, Germany. Photo courtesy of www.maintower.de
The historic centre of Frankfurt am Main, Germany
The historic centre of Frankfurt am Main, from Main Tower. Photo courtesy of www.maintower.de

Main Tower Observation platform

The observation platform on the roof of the Main Tower (56 storeys above ground) is accessible to the general public all year round. Situated some 200 metres above the city streets, it offers striking views of the city.

The 22nd Lounge & Bar, Frankfurt, Germany
The 22nd Lounge & Bar, Frankfurt. Photo courtesy of innside.com

Cocktails with a view

We all know a great view is best appreciated with a tasty beverage in hand – it really helps with the contemplation. For this we recommend heading to either Maintower Bar (in the Main Tower) or 22nd Lounge in the Eurotheum.

Deutsche Bank Towers, Frankfurt, Germany
Deutsche Bank Towers, Frankfurt. Photo by tinyfroglet

Enjoy some in-spire-d art

Big business affords companies more than just tall buildings. Like many other corporations around the world Deutsche Bank has accumulated a formidable collection of art works. As part of its commitment to the culture and the arts, the bank has put 1,500 paintings and photographs on display throughout the building’s two towers. Members of the public can view them for free during guided tours run on the first Monday of each month. Register as far as possible in advance via email. The tour departs from the front desk at 5.30pm.

Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt, Germany
Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt. Photo: Commerzbank AG

Check out an “uplifting” art installation

In 2003 Commerzbank commissioned James Turrell to design a light installation for its Galileo Tower. He filled the floor of the building’s central elevator area with a number of neon tubes through which he set a slow play of colours. There’s a tour of this and the building’s other art installations on the third Wednesday of every month.

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