Fresh snow delights European skiers

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The Alps have finally enjoyed a heavy fall of snow, meaning that new year skiers are enjoying the best conditions of the season so far.

Around half a metre has fallen in the major Alpine and Scandinavian resorts, signalling that the season has well and truly begun following a meagre December. Winter sports enthusiasts booking their holidays to the mountains now can be assured of good conditions and new flights unveiled by airlines in recent months have increased their range of options.

An unseasonably warm autumn meant that skiers and boarders eager to hit the slopes last month were disappointed, and until now the Alps had not enjoyed a significant snowfall since early December. Some resorts had to postpone their official openings and various important ski events were cancelled; many holidaymakers had to be satisfied with alternative activities such as hiking.

However, the arrival of January ushered in a significant amount of snow along with the new year and it seems the season is to be “all white” after all.

One Swiss skier told EuroNews: “The snow is amazing, no doubt about it, and even though you can’t really see anything [because of heavy snowfalls] there aren’t many bumps and irregularities in the slope so it’s okay. You ski more with your legs than your eyes.”

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