The best European ski resorts for non-skiers

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There’s nothing like a bit of mountain air; whether it feels like a slap or a kiss, that clean, crisp air is both refreshing and energising and there’s nothing that quite matches up to it down at sea level. More often than not, we associate the mountains with squeezing into heavy, uncomfortable boots and clipping on skis. If you want the alpine adventure but fancy a more tranquil alternative to skiing, we’ve got plenty of suggestions of great mountain resorts for non-skiers; from toddlers to grandparents and everyone in-between.

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Zermatt makes for a fun-filled, jam-packed week whether you ski or not. For those who prefer to wait for families and friends in the warmth and comfort of the village, the old part of town is for you. Enjoy the mountain air and beautiful scenery, spend your days shopping, sipping on hot drinks and being pampered. Zermatt offers plenty of great options, both modest and luxurious you can take a number of walks on well-marked paths. You can also take the lifts up the mountain to meet your holiday crew for a piste-side lunch – many of the mountain restaurants are accessible for non-skiers. There are also plenty of fun for the kids, with ice skating, cinemas and swimming pools all within reaching distance.

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Avoriaz, France:

Avoriaz is a great resort built with a collection of awards and accolades to make rival ski towns shake in their boots, excuse the pun. This is a car free town so whether you ski or not, you will either be getting from A to B in or horse drawn carriage or by foot. With various cafes, shops and spas in the town centre and plenty of easy-to-reach piste side restaurants where you can meet the rest of your group for lunch. The Aquariaz pool and spa is great for all ages, with various pools from chill-out spaces to a water playhouse and slidewinder. You can also get your fair share of snow time without putting on a pair of skis; Dog Sledding, Nordic Walking, Paragliding and Helicopter rides are all on offer if your budget permits. If not, they’ll be plenty of snow for a week of snowball fights.

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Cortina d’Ampuezzo, Italy:

This classic resort offers plenty to do off the slopes. Whether you decide to take one of the many alpine walks or stick to the easy-to-walk-on streets in the town centre, Cortina is a pleasure to explore. You’ll find just about everything you need here, from designer garments to sunstick. There are regular ice hockey matches if you want to embrace the local culture. Whilst we’re on the topic of culture, one of the towns selling points is the huge choice of places to eat – perfect for all you non-skiers. The best ones are a taxi ride out of town, but there are also some in the centre – either way, you don’t need to put on a pair of skis to enjoy the region’s culinary delights.

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St Moritz, Switzerland:

One of Europe’s most glamorous resorts, St Moritz in Switzerland offers no end of off-piste activities from upmarket shopping to well-marked walks. As always, the food in the mountains is one of its many exciting offerings and St Moritz is no exception. For those non-skiers who want to enjoy the mountain scenery from the warmth of a café, hotel or spa – there are plenty of choices. Alternatively, you can watch ice polo, skijoring, lake golf and ice hockey.

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Tempted? Just picture yourself on the side of the slopes, vin chaud in hand, with a sprawling mountain view. You’ll thank us later.

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