Gen Y are altruistic travellers

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Gen Y is set to replace the Baby Boomers and Gen X as the most influential generation in the United States in the next decade

Gen Y is set to replace the Baby Boomers and Gen X as the most influential generation in the country in the next decade. This generational shift, concludes The National Tour Association (NTA), a leading alliance of travel professionals, will precipitate great changes in the tourism industry. (Our featured image is by Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT))

According to research carried out by the NTA, Gen Y will make up 75 per cent of the workforce by 2025. The travel industry as a whole will have to evolve its offerings to meet Gen Y expectations, or risk missing out on the generation’s ever-increasing spending power.

Gen Y, the NTA concluded, differ from previous generations in a number of key ways, namely in terms of who they travel with, how sustainable their holiday is and their almost complete reliance on the internet to make purchases.

The NTA advised its members and leaders to consider Gen Y as altruistic individuals who not only want to bring about changes in the world, but also expect to see evidence of where their money and efforts are going in order to brag and smoast about it.

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