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A leading UK provider of holiday nannies is reporting an increase in requests for nannies of the male variety.

Have you ever heard of a “holiday manny”, or a “holiday nanny” for that matter?

Holiday nannies are women hired by families to accompany them on holiday. Carefully matched for their skills, qualifications, personalities and talents, they enable mums and dads to get a proper rest whilst on holiday.

All vetted – an up-to-date enhanced CRB check and qualifications evaluation – holiday nannies come from professional childcare backgrounds – indeed, many are primary or nursery school teachers, maternity nurses or full-time qualified nannies.

So what’s a manny? Well, a male nanny of course! A leading UK provider of holiday nannies is reporting an increase in requests for nannies of the male variety.

According to Holiday Nanny, more and more families are looking for someone who can teach their children things like sports, swimming, drama and surfing. Often in these cases, a man is considered the best match.

The growing trend comes hot on the heels of prestigious nanny training college Norland’s recently announcing its first male graduate – Michael Kenny.

The company Holiday Nanny retains a small pool of highly experienced and talented childcare professionals who offer short-term childcare help, accompanying families whilst they travel – either abroad or within the UK.

A standard holiday nanny/manny hire costs £469 for one week, or £883 for a fortnight. The price includes 45 hours of childcare per week plus a total of 14 hours evening babysitting spread over four nights. Families pay additionally for flights, food and accommodation for their nanny/manny. The company does not charge a registration or “finding” fee.
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