How to stay fit during your holidays

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You may not have the time, energy or resources to continue with your regular workout, but try adopting a few of the techniques suggested by some of the world’s top holiday fitness experts

Staying fit during your holidays might sound like an impossible task. With all the delicious food and drink choices surrounding you, it can be hard to resist.

However, maintaining a sense of well-being will help you to feel better and will make you enjoy your holiday even more. It’s not difficult to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your trip and you don’t have to deny yourself the local food. Just remember to make sensible choices.

You may not have the time, energy or resources to continue with your regular workout, but try adopting a few of the techniques suggested below by some of the world’s top holiday fitness experts.

Don Graham, Dan Roberts Training: “Avoid starchy carbs with your evening meal. That means no bread, pasta, potatoes or rice. Instead, stick to salad and vegetables as an accompaniment to meat, poultry and fish.

“Factor in the heat and increase your water consumption. Aim to drink three to four litres of water per day.

“Limit alcohol to evenings and stick to the same choice of drink, ideally a clear spirit with a sugar-free mixer e.g. gin and slimline tonic. Avoid lager and ales.

“Try to avoid desserts in the evening – tough, I know! If you really want to satisfy your sweet tooth, maybe have an ice-cream earlier in the day. The sugar contained in your treat will be more likely to be used as energy instead of turning into fat.

“Try to do a quick ‘hotel-room’ workout every morning. Do bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges and press-ups for about 20 mins. You could also go for a run every two to three days and take in some of the local scenery!”

Mark Thomas, No1 Boot Camp: “Don’t rely too much on the Body Mass Index (BMI), as it doesn’t apply to everyone. Body fat and measurements are the way ahead and as is exercise without time constraints. Don’t base workouts on duration. Set yourself what you want to achieve the session, complete it as fast as possible and get the hell out!

Christian A. Eilers, Dauntless Jaunter: “When travelling abroad, try to forego public transport, if possible. Whenever you are not pressed for time, walking from point A to point B is not only more active and helpful for your body physically, but you will see things and experience a bit of the local lifestyle and culture that you might not have had you not walked. Also, try to steer clear of cabs. Taxis are much more expensive, and the door-to-door service will leave you with barely any walking to satisfy the slightest bit of activity that you should have each day.”
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William Tuffin, Keep Fit Boot Camp: “It’s great to unwind on holiday, but staying active can help you keep fit and get more out of your trip. Here are some ways to stay in shape and have fun:

• Swimming – this is the perfect exercise, especially if you are visiting a hot country. If the hotel has a pool, dive in and do some laps. Alternatively, jump in the sea or visit a water park.
• Walking – ditch the hire car and take a walking tour of your destination. This is ideal for city breaks, as you get to see all the sights and keep fit. Just keep the coffee and cake stops to a minimum.
• Cycling – hire a bike for the ideal way to get around. Whether it’s whizzing around a city or taking country cycle routes through parks and forests, this is one sure-fire way to keep the pounds off.
• Surfing – if you’re heading for the coast, why not book yourself in for some surf lessons. This is an all-round workout and a fun activity for all the family, with some courses offering photos of you riding that wave.
• Tennis – many hotels have tennis courts, so book yourself in and have a game or two. Men can promise themselves arms like Rafa Nadal and women can wish for legs like Maria Sharapova.
• Yoga – slip a yoga mat into your suitcase and enjoy a relaxing workout inside or out. Perfect if you don’t have room for lots of kit or it’s too hot for strenuous outside activities.”

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