How to stay healthy on holiday

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By following just a few of these tips you can stay fit and healthy while away, without any mention of being a killjoy!

It’s finally here – that much-needed beach break, so how do you propose to keep holiday weight at bay? Have you got an action plan? You may need one if you want to stay relatively fit and healthy – it only takes some boozy nights and lazy days of over-eating and not moving to pile on a few pounds.

Unfortunately, no matter where you go, you can’t get away from the temptation of all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets and ice cream shops, which can undo all the months of hard work at the gym. It’s good to let go and enjoy your holiday, but do you really want to start all over again when you get back onto home ground? I thought not. By following just a few of these tips you can stay fit and healthy while away, without any mention of being a killjoy!

Eat little and often

Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean you should skip meals. Eating on a regular basis will stop you over-indulging when it comes to your next meal, and help you to make the right choices. It will also keep your metabolism firing on all cylinders.

Don’t be afraid to cheat

Holidays are a great way of getting that little cheat out your system so you can get back on the straight and narrow when you get home without feeling deprived. It can also shock your body into letting go of fat and rev up your metabolism, helping you get better results in the long term. So let go and enjoy. Just don’t go crazy!

Stay hydrated

It will be hot (hopefully) so use it as a great excuse to drink plenty of water. It will hydrate you, fill you up and saturate your skin, ensuring that when you step off that plane, you’ll arrive home with a healthy glow. Dehydration can also cause your body to retain water making you look and feel bloated.

Exercise in the morning

Get your workouts done in the morning. Mornings are usually when beaches are quietest – you can then sit back and let the rest of day unravel. Try a simple jog on the beach – the instability of the sand will work your core and legs harder than running on concrete. Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy – it’s not every day that you can run on a gorgeous beach!


Playing is a fantastic way to burn calories and tone up, have fun and be creative. Grab some pals and play a game of volleyball, beach football and Frisbee. Don’t forget the sea too. Run in, jump over the waves, splash around.  The beach is the perfect opportunity to be childlike again.

But most of all…

Relax. Reducing the stress hormone cortisol is key to losing stubborn weight, in particular in the abdominal area, so to get fab abs, sit back, feel the warmth of the sun, listen to the musical sound of the waves and breathe deeply. You’re on holiday after all!

Written by Lucy Miller, a fitness and nutrition advisor and an expert for Health and Fitness Travel, experts in tailor-made healthy holidays worldwide. Visit for more information.

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