Love Mondays: travel ideas to beat the blues

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Groan. The first five-day week for a fortnight. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous images to get you to lunchtime

Today is Monday. Boo. It is the start of a new week and a five-day week at that. Thanks to Easter we haven’t had one of those for a fortnight.

If you are suffering from the back-to-work Monday blues, cheer up. There’s plenty to be happy about: the days are getting longer, the weather is (slightly) warmer and most of us have our summer holidays to look forward to.

Planning a trip? Looking for some inspiration? Or simply looking for some distractions from the office grind? Check out these shots to inspire your next travel outing.

Bliss on a beach

Lying in the sun and doing nothing all day apart from the occasional dip in the sea to cool off is something all of us would like to do on a Monday. Just look at this snap to get you in the mood for some much needed R&R.


First Monday back in work after that ski trip to the Alps? It’s tough, we know. Thinking of booking another trip before the end of the season? Just look at this photograph. Now look around your office. Where would you rather be?

Miami Beach

Looking to do nothing all day and party hard all night? Miami Beach is the only place to be: you can pretend you’re in Baywatch by day too.

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New York, New York

Just keen to get away, but don’t fancy a beach break? New York is great at this time of year. Warmer weather and a host of spectacular sights, sounds and smells still make the Big Apple the ultimate city break hotspot. And check out the view as the sun sets.

Images: Victoria White, Reway, Fergusonphotography, Xavier

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