Mobile ticketing tipped to explode

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The use of mobile ticketing in transport sectors is set to explode over the coming years, one new report has suggested.

At present some 37.4 million transport-related transactions are handled by mobile ticketing systems – a figure which Juniper Research predicts will skyrocket to 1.8 billion by 2011.

The aviation industry is among the sectors expected to benefit the most from the new technology, with the spiralling price of fuel forcing carriers to rely more heavily on cost-cutting measures.

And on top of the financial savings afforded to airlines, consumers stand to benefit from shorter queues while environment campaigners will also be appeased by a reduction in paper waste.

“Mobile ticketing solutions allow the consumer to purchase and receive a ticket on the day of travel or the event,” Jupiter Research noted in a statement. “This functionality can be linked to VIP entrance in a fast track queue at an airport or check-in.”

On June 1, the International Air Travel Association made it obligatory for all its member airlines to switch over to 100 per cent e-ticketing.

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