A favourite amongst Brits... Paris

Paris is top choice for a city break

With bright lights, cultural delights and plenty of sightseeing opportunities, city breaks have long been a popular holiday choice. (Featured image by wlappe)

But with so many great cities to choose from, both in Europe and around the world, where do you choose? Well, if you’re British, you apparently choose Paris.

The French capital was found to be the most popular city break destination among UK holidaymakers last year.

According to a report based on bookings made through Hotels.com last year, Paris beat the likes of New York, Amsterdam and Dublin to first place.

The Big Apple, a common favourite amongst holidaymakers, was found to be the second most popular city break destination as Brits opted for closer cites over long-haul breaks.


New York

New York. Image by Kyle McCluer


“With the economy still sluggish, it’s not surprising that many UK travellers elected to save money by holidaying closer to home last year, taking advantage of the stronger pound and weaker euro at that time,” said Kate Hopcraft of Hotels.com.

The only other long-haul destination that made it into the top five was Las Vegas, which fell three places since 2011 to rank fifth last year.

Dublin made it into third place in the ranking, just edging out Amsterdam which was found to be the fourth most popular city break.

Several cities saw their popularity surge between 2011 and 2012, with those in Europe seeing the largest increases.

Madrid climbed four places since 2011 to take 10th place, while Istanbul jumped from 20th in 2011 to 16th last year.


Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo. Image by HerryLawford


At the same time a number of long-haul destinations fell out of favour with British tourists, particularly those in the US.

As well as Las Vegas falling out of the top two, LA dropped three places to 14th with San Francisco and Orlando both falling one place each.

The research also highlighted the most expensive cities to stay in, with Monte Carlo unsurprisingly topping the list of costly hotel rooms at an average of £200 per night for a double room.

This was closely followed by New York at £179 and Moscow at £160. The cheapest city was Phnom Penh, Cambodia, at an average of £40 per night.

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