Parking technology to be introduced at Heathrow

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Revolutionary car parking technology is to be installed at Heathrow Terminal 5 which will be able to guide drivers to empty spaces and help them track down their vehicles when heading home.

More than 7,000 parking spaces, within three new three car parks, will open in March with the new technology playing an important role, most notably within the multi-storey short stay car park.

This facility will feature so-called “bay monitoring” which will see empty spaces highlighted with a green light and so enabling drivers to find a place to park quickly and easily, while a messaging system in the form of arrows will guide vehicles around the car park.

Another interesting feature is “Car Finder” which will track cars to a specific zone and help people locate their vehicles by using number plate recognition and closed circuit television within the car park.

Customers will be able to use their ticket, or enter their registration number, at a specially designed Car Finder kiosk, which will identify the location of their parked car and guide them to it.

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