How to save money on airport parking

So you’ve found an amazing deal on and you’re ready to go and bathe in the sun or soak up the culture of some foreign city… But there’s one thing you’ve forgotten – airport parking.

But fear not! Parking doesn’t have to be stressful and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many ways you can save money on it, leaving you with a bit of cash so that you can relax and enjoy an extra Piña Colada or two. Read on to find out how…

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1. Book in advance

This is a pretty obvious thing to do when it comes to booking flights or hotels. But the same can be done for airport parking. By booking in advance you’ll save loads. And remember the golden rule – the earlier the better. If you leave it to last minute the prices will be far more than if you book a few months or weeks in advance. Airport car parks get busy fast – especially in the summer months – which means the prices get hiked up.

2. Use a consolidator website

With consolidator sites like, you can see the best deals around and be sure to pay no more than you need to, which means you can save a great deal of money. SkyParkSecure works just like, by literally trawling through thousands of companies to find you the best deals. It saves you time and money, so you can focus on far more interesting and fun things- like planning your holiday itinerary.

3. Look around for discount vouchers and email offers

Most comparison websites offer email discounts when you sign up for their email newsletter. As well as this, there are many discount codes available online. Make sure you look around; possibilities to save as much as 60% are available if you keep your eyes peeled. You can also take advantage of seasonal sales like Black Friday sales, summer sales or even Christmas sales.

4. Decide what you need

Figure out exactly what it is you want from you airport parking. Do you simply want to be close to the airport? Do you want a meet and greet service? Do you want to park and ride?
Deciding exactly what you want is key to making sure you don’t pay a penny more than you need to.

Onsite Parking

Onsite parking is the best way to make sure you are as close to the airport as possible. This is often the most expensive option and usually run by the airport itself. However, if this is the option you want, then booking in advance will still provide you with savings.

Meet and Greet Services

This is a particularly good service for ease and a bit of peace of mind. Simply drive your car to the airport and be met by a chauffeur who will take your car away, park it for you, and then meet you back at the airport when you return. This is a particularly good option for families, especially those with lots of luggage and it can entirely remove the stress of airport parking when you return from your holiday… bliss. This option is more expensive than a park and ride but if it’s what you want, again, there are ways to save money. Book in advance, shop around and find offers.

Park and Ride

Park and ride services offer the most affordable option of airport parking. Park your car in a nearby, secure car park and use their coach or shuttle service to take you to the airport. Then simply do the opposite when you return.

5. Check for Park Mark

This one is for your peace of mind when you’re on your holiday. If a car park has a Park Mark you will know that the facility has been inspected by a police officer to meet security standards, has up to date security systems such as CCTV and alarms, and is checked on a regular basis to maintain its Park Mark. This will save you money in the long run against a car park that hasn’t got the Park Mark award, as there is much less chance of damage being caused to your vehicle.

Ready to head on holiday? Be sure to book with, whose smart search technology will help you save on flights, hotels and car hire.

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