There’s nothing like a summer beach getaway – the feeling you get flying into a new city and stepping out of the airport into paradise. Ocean breezes, sand between your toes, and oh, those glorious rays of precious sunshine. But sometimes over-excitement leads to an oversight and that golden glow expectation takes a turn of the boiled lobster variety. So, we’re here to remind you, an insta-perfect hot dog legs photo isn’t worth the aloe-coated aftermath. After-sun regret is more painful than sand in your bathing suit, bee stings, or eating that tuna sandwich that’s been left out of the cooler too long. But, even the most vigilant sunscreen-savvy beach-goer has had an SPF-WTF moment. Hey, we all make mistakes. These unfortunate sun worshippers share their sunscreen fails so you can avoid your own.

The future’s so bright, you have to wear shades… and SPF 70.

Is it a sunburn, or is it a Rorschach test?

We see an airplane taking off. What could it mean?

We should probably search for flights. But to where?

Friends don’t let friends apply aerosol spray sunscreen…

The hair tie struggle is real.

Someone give this guy a hand. Or two.

Protection from the sun is that way.

But which way to the beach?

You might not have much use for sunscreen in the UK, but it’s a must in places like Barcelona and Lisbon at the moment. Search for flights to Europe.

Got the time?


Much better.

Oh, look, it’s five o’clock.

Escape the Great British Summer and search for flights to the Caribbean.

So, lather up…

…to avoid this.

Sun protection doesn’t have to be ruff.

So, what are you waiting for?

Search for your next summer holiday, and don’t forget the SPF.

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Ever had your own sunscreen fail? Share your stories or pictures in the comments.

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