Places immortalised in film

The setting of a film is pretty important because otherwise the actors would probably just fall forever through limbo and it wouldn’t be much of a film, just some people aimlessly screaming a bit but nothing really happening. A bit like that movie Titanic.

Here are a few places that have been well and truly immortalised on celluloid, places that are almost synonymous with the silver screen.


The Strip at night

The Strip at night. Photo: Eje Gustafsson


The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

The Bellagio and Las Vegas from above. Photo: o palsson


Elvis on The Strip

Elvis on The Strip. Photo: Jason Riedy


Las Vegas, USA – Casino, Honeymoon in Vegas, Leaving Las Vegas, Ocean’s 11/12/13

Las Vegas has a mixed bag on screen. It’s made to seem really fun and bright, but it’s a crime capital with a surplus of lavish heists being pulled off by already rich men.

Plus, Nicolas Cage went from being a deliriously happy newlywed to an alcoholic trying to drink himself to death in the space of just a few years. Oh, viva Las Vegas! At least there are parachuting Elvis impersonators making it all worthwhile.


Casablanca, Morocco

The lighthouse at Casablanca. Photo: palindrome6996


Casablanca, Morocco

A casa blanca in Casablanca. Photo: BernardoMacena


Hassan II in Casablanca, Morocco

Sunshine on mosque Hassan II in Casablanca. Photo: Milamber’s portfolio

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Casablanca, Morocco – Casablanca

Everybody who visits Casablanca is always shocked to find the place is actually in colour. They’re also constantly demanding that locals tell them where they can hear Sam play it again. It’s nowhere, unsurprisingly.


King Kong souvenir, New York

King Kong souvenir, New York. Photo: justiny8s


New York

New York. Photo: JefferyTurner


New York City

New York City. Photo: kevin dooley


Hook & Ladder Company 8, New York

The Hook & Ladder Company 8, of Ghostbusters fame. Photo: Marcin Wichary


New York taxis

New York taxis. Photo: ShedBOy^


New York, USA – Ghostbusters, King Kong, The Day After Tomorrow, Cloverfield, Godzilla, The Avengers

Why do big monsters and aliens always want to attack New York? There are perhaps thousands of films where their big appetites seem to hone in on the big apple.

It’s as if movie monsters, apocalyptic disasters and super criminals all think NYC is a big skyscrapered smart-alec just asking for a smack.
(Featured image by yunguyen666)

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