Reflections on the water of the world

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Sitting peacefully by the edge of a mass of water, be it sea, lake or river can bring landscapes and their variety into a whole new perspective.

Sitting peacefully by the edge of a mass of water, be it sea, lake or river can bring landscapes and their variety into a whole new perspective. A sunny day, a calm water and a symmetry balancing out the randomness of nature. Take a mountain landscape for instance. A beautiful scene, snow covered peaks, green mountainsides and a clear blue lake. Look deeper and see the array of colours in the reflection as it goes from blue sky, white summit, a bright green belt of grassland into the water and downwards the colours reverse with a hint of blue added.

No matter where you are in the world the memories of these water filled views can stick with you for ever. Travel and travel well and see all you can. But never forget to relax and enjoy the enormous beauty in all masses and sights that surround you. 🙂

Here are just a small selection of places that provide such an array of reflective beauty along with a little fact you might not know already. Wherever you go seek nature, seek waterway and enjoy.


Where better to start. The Maldives is known for beauty and sunsets. The smallest country in Asia with a natural highest altitude point that is the lowest in the world.. Climb to its top of 2.4 m above sea level.

Maldives Reflection. Photo by Mohamed Muha

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England – Tarn Hows

One of the most visited beauty spots of the English Lake District. This water wonder was once owned by children’s author and illustrator Beatrix Potter. On her passing she left it to the National Trust.

Tarn Hows. Photo by Paul Steele


With more than 100 km of canals and about 1500 bridges you can never go wrong escaping to waterways in the Netherlands. Of course the country is rather flat so escaping to walks is never a problem.

Houtzaagmolen De Ster. Photo by E. Dronkert


A huge country with a tremendous amount of variety in landscape. If you want to take in lakes, and lots of them too, then this is the place. It is estimated that half the world’s lakes are in Canada with about 2 million in total of all sizes and over 30,00 that are at least 3km squared in size.

Moraine Lake. Photo by Paul Steele


Ah yes the magnificent fjords of Norway. Must be seen and experienced. In summer the green covered mountains rise high beside the waterways. In winter the seals swim graciously in the icy waters that reflect a surreal white and stone.

Norway Fjord in Winter. Photo by Paul Steele

Hong Kong

One of the most densely populated places in the world. A land mass of just over 1000 km squared and a population of about 7 million. You can imagine that this is a bustling place indeed to visit with lots of character and uniqueness. Day or night.

hong kong
Hong Kong at night. Photo by Iain


With one of the longest coastlines in the world and large lakes scattered throughout the country far and wide then water lovers can enjoy all types of scenes and activities. The scale of the geography and locations/direction of the mountain ranges creates a massive fluctuation in dry and wet areas. The landscapes are immense.

Mono Lake, CA. Photo by Rosino

Main Image: Alan Stark

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