Lured by the sandy beaches, lush jungle and exotic culture – not to mention the cheap prices – backpackers and, more recently, couples and families have been flocking to Thailand for some fun in the sun. But all that looks set to change. As shown by the cost of living in its capital city, Bangkok – recently named the second most expensive place to live in Southeast Asia.

Singapore alone stands above it in the costly ranks, according to the Worldwide Cost of Living survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Fuelled, in part, by the strengthening value of the baht in relation to the pound.

In fairness, things are still pretty cheap – £1 equals around 48THB at the time of writing, which means you can feast quite happily (and easily) at these Bangkok street stalls:

The ten most expensive cities, out of 131 surveyed, were Zurich, Tokyo, Geneva, Osaka/Kobe, Oslo, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Frankfurt.

The least expensive cities being: Muscat (Oman), Dhaka, Algiers, Katmandu, Panama City, Jeddah, New Delhi, Tehran, Mumbai and Karachi.

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