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Cheap Flights to Singapore

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Singapore overview

When is the best time to fly to Singapore?

Peak season:

December to June is normally the busiest time of the year so you’ll need to book your flight tickets in advance to find the cheapest flights to Singapore. You’ll also need to check whether the Monsoon season is in effect as the northeast sees the monsoon from December to March and the southwest has the honor from June to September. If you are hoping to visit during the Chinese New Year you’ll need to secure your flights to Singapore as early as possible. The chances of finding cheap flights around the New Year are very low so plan ahead, the Chinese New Year is a 15 day festival that begins around late January to early February depending on the lunar year.

Off season:

The weather is warm most of the year however you’ll find the cheapest flights to Singapore around May to October depending on exactly where you are visiting. You’ll still need to secure your flight tickets in advance to make any kind of savings and tourism tends to slow down around August and September so you have a better chance of finding hotel deals and cheap flights to Singapore then.

When is the best time to book a flight to Singapore?

Regardless of whether you are visiting during the peak season or not, you should try to book your flights to Singapore as early as you can. School holidays will increase the price of your flight tickets and the Chinese New Year makes it almost impossible to find cheap flights to Singapore around January and February without sufficient planning. If you can be flexible with your dates you’ll have the best chances of securing cheap flight tickets. Singapore also acts as a good hub for travelling to other countries so if you time things right you can find bargains by using Singapore as the middle point. The weather and wind can affect your landing but generally if you want to see Bali from the air then sit on the right hand side of the plane. Sit on the left for Sumatra. The plane might approach differently with bad wind conditions though so just make sure to have a seat by the window without a wing in the way and you’ll be greeted with amazing views.

How long is the flight to Singapore?

Flights from London to Singapore: 13 hours 05 minutes.

Flights from Manchester to Singapore: 14 hours 55 minutes.

Flights from Birmingham to Singapore: 14 hours 55 minutes.

Flights from Glasgow to Singapore: 15 hours 25 minutes.

Which airlines operate flights to Singapore?

Singapore Airlines, Virgin, British Airways and Qatar all offer flights to Singapore. All of them provide excellent service and high comfort onboard their flights so the main thing it comes down to is your own preference. Before securing your flight tickets it might be worth comparing the inflight entertainment on offer, although this will be different by the time you fly you’ll get an idea of which airline has the newest movies. British Airways offer complimentary snacks and beverages throughout their flights to Singapore and you can sign up to their executive program for free and begin earning free points to redeem against flight tickets and other gifts. Compare the prices for your dates and then decide which airline ticks your boxes most.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

You can get to the city in a few different ways. From terminals 2 and 3 you can walk to the train station where you’ll want to transfer to the west-bound train at Tanah Merah station. From there you can just relax as the train will take you directly to the city centre. If you decide against the train then you can jump on either the 36 or 36a bus from the basement bus bays of terminals 1, 2 or 3. You won’t get change though so make sure you give the exact amount. The bus journey takes around an hour but is a convenient and regular way of travelling after your long flights to Singapore. Lastly you can jump into a taxi however these are a lot more expensive than both the bus and the train. If you are travelling with friends then you can split the fare and it might work out more efficient but generally I’d stick to the other methods unless money isn’t an option. Also make sure to agree on a fee before you get in the taxi as some drivers will try and overcharge you.

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How much do things cost in Singapore?

Small bottle of water (0.33 litre)
£ 0.67
3 course meal for 2
£ 32.55
Cheap meal
£ 7.05
Bottle of local beer (0.5 litre)
£ 2.92

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