Snow isn’t all bad news! Try these picturesque winter destinations

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Snow always suffers some bad PR at this time of year, so we’re here to remind you that it’s not all bad. So where should you go to see the snow in all its glory?

Britain is in the midst of one of its chilliest cold snaps for years, as snow and plummeting temperatures wreak havoc across the country. (Featured image by Liam Quinn)

While some areas haven’t seen snow since the weekend, the low temperatures mean the white stuff is sticking around and still causing problems.

For other areas, there is no respite from the snowfall as up to 10cm is forecast in Scotland and northern England today, along with around 6cm in southern England.

A typical UK street at the moment
A typical UK street at the moment. Image by James E. Petts

With flights grounded, many roads inaccessible and public transport in chaos, you’d be forgiven for feeling less than enthusiastic about the snow at the moment.

But let’s try not to be too harsh on the snow! After all, it does make things look very pretty. And it’s not the fault of the snow that the country grinds to a halt every time a couple of inches come our way.

Snow always suffers from some bad PR at this time of year, so we’re here to remind everyone that it’s not all bad. So, where should you visit to see the snow in all its glory? That’s if you can get out of the country, of course!

Abisko, Sweden
Abisko, Sweden. Image by gudi&cris

Abisko, Sweden

The tiny village of Abisko, in northern Sweden, is nearly as far north as you can get on a train. Getting to Abisko can be bit of challenge in the winter, but it is more than worth it.

The village doesn’t see the sun for weeks on end in December and January, making it one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in the world.

As you might expect given its location, Abisko is surrounded by natural beauty. From nearby Mt Nuolja to Lapporten – a stunning U-shaped valley that is visible from the village – the area is truly captivating upon your first visit.

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Bergün, Switzerland
Bergün, Switzerland. Image by vasile23

Bergün , Switzerland

Snow isn’t just good for giving everything a magical feel, it also provides hours of fun for anyone brave enough to find snow-covered slopes to launch themselves down.

If the likes of skiing and snowboarding are not your thing, why not grab a wooden sledge and head over to the village of Bergün in Switzerland?

This mountain village is home to the longest floodlit sledge run in Europe, covering 3.7 miles from start to finish. Winding through forests and past tiny farms and villages, this is a sledge run you’ll never forget.

Antarctica. Image by jjunyent


It may be a little trickier to get to than Switzerland or Sweden, but a trip to Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget.

Antarctic tours and cruises typically run during the continent’s summer season between November and March, when temperatures are a little more bearable.

This is also the best time to see the magnificent wildlife of Antarctica, including killer whales, seals and various penguin species.

Lake Placid
Lake Placid. Image by The U.S. Army

Lake Placid, USA

The name Lake Placid may conjure up images of crocodile-infested waters, but this mountain village in the state of New York is more concerned with extreme sports than man-eating reptiles.

Having played host to two Winter Olympic Games in the past, Lake Placid has plenty of winter sporting facilities to try out.

One of the most exhilarating examples of this is the village’s bobsled run, which visitors can try out in the safe hands of a professional driver and brakeman.

New Zealand
New Zealand. Image by Neville10

New Zealand

You’ll have to wait a couple of months to visit a snowy New Zealand, but winter is when the country really comes into its own.

Downhill skiing and freestyle snowboarding are both popular activities but if you fancy something a little more relaxed, pay a visit to one of New Zealand’s many hot springs.

Dotted all over the country, many of the hot springs have spa resorts built around them so you can enjoy a day of therapeutic luxury in snowy surroundings.

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