The Glow of the City Night Landscape

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I must admit I am guilty of indulging at times in natural beauty and wide open landscapes. That is not to say I don’t enjoy a visit to the City to get a bit of that hustle, bustle and buzz of life. City breaks are very popular. There are far too many great reasons to visit them as well as architecture, history, museums, landmarks, iconic sights.

As a view-loving kind of person there is always a sight to see beyond the busy streets and packed squares. At night time the cities of the world light up and glow. Taking a walk at dusk or after dark amongst the city lights can give a new sense of awe to a spot that you may have seen just in passing numerous times in the day.

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New York by tjschloss
Sydney by brentbat
Singapore by erwinsoo

It could be a calm spot on the River Thames, London or high up in a city skyscraper in New York but there is the same captivating feeling seeing the lights of a city alive out there. Dazzling lights in a city river reflection, a monument known to all around the world lit up before your very own eyes in the night sky.

Tower Bridge, London by James Blunt Photography
Paris by Moyan_Brenn_BACK_FROM_ICELAND

If you live in a city or visit a city, wherever go in the world, I would recommend seeking out ‘that spot’, somewhere you can look on the place in quiet reflection, blocking out the busy noise there may be. Enjoy the view, enjoy the moment, it can be magical!

Singapore by Boggiezz
Manhattan Skyline by Ed Yourdon
River Seine, Paris by muneaki

Main Image: Sydney by donnnnnny

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