The top 10 most googled (and Bingd) destinations of 2013

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With 2014 just 10 days away, all the social networks are releasing their most viewed / most searched for destinations. Instagram revealed the most snapped places and cities of the past year and Facebook listed the most checked-in places of 2013 too.

The granddaddy of search engines, Google, has released its top 10 most-searched for destinations by Brits in 2013 and it looks like this:

1 Rome

2 New York

3 Amsterdam

4 Palma

5 Magaluf

6 Bangkok

7 Sydney

8 Bruges

9 Venice

10 Mauritius

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The top 10 most googled (and Bingd) destinations of 2013
Fête des Lumières of Lyon – Parc Tête de la d’Or. Photo: Henri van Kalkeren

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Meanwhile, on Bing… these were the most searched-for destinations:

1. France

2. Spain

3. Italy

4. Greece

5. The Caribbean

6. Hawaii

7. Jamaica

8. Croatia

9. Cayman Islands

10. Mauritius

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The featured image of Rome is by ** Maurice **.

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