The world’s best hidden beaches

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We don’t mind hiking for hours or scrambling barefoot over jagged rocks to reach it. We just want to laze on the beach and not share it with anyone!

We don’t mind driving for a couple of hours to find it. We don’t mind hiking for hours or scrambling barefoot over jagged rocks to reach it. We even don’t mind paying a small fee to access it. The one thing that’ll keep us from hanging out on a beautiful beach is overcrowding.

That’s the beauty of a secluded beach (such as the one in our featured image – Wineglass Bay in Tasmania by britsinvade). Off the beaten track, it doesn’t lure the masses. Here are five of world’s best hidden beaches.

Barbuda. Photo by wemissedthebus

Pink Beach – Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda)

This idyllic tropical beach gets its name from the rosy glint that comes off the crushed coral that mixes with its silky soft sand.

Cumberland Island – Georgia
Cumberland Island – Georgia. Photo by dougandme

Cumberland Island – Georgia (USA)

Access to America’s largest wilderness island is limited to 300 people a day, meaning you’re sure to find a quiet spot on its 1,000 foot wide and miles long beach.

Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania
Wineglass Bay. Photo by Michael Rawle

Wineglass Bay – Tasmania (Australia)

This pristine crescent beach/bay is the jewel of the Freycinet National Park, three hours’ drive from Hobart of Tasmania’s eastern coast.

Mozambique. Photo by C_Baltrusch

Guludo Beach – Quirimbas National Park (Mozambique)

With whale sharks swimming in the Indian Ocean on one side, and elephants roaming on the other, this beach acts as a virtual border between two nationally protected wildlife ecosystems.

Corsica. Photo by Kjunstorm

Vallee De L’ortolo – Corsica (France)

Many of the lightly trodden trails that cut across this sparsely populated valley lead to virtually unknown beaches on Corsica’s southwest coastline.

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