These photos will give you serious vertigo

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In the quest to capture the perfect shot, some daredevils take things to the extreme. These fearless globetrotters have scaled skyscrapers, teetered on the edge of mammoth waterfalls, and braved sky-high bridges – all in the name of photography. Make sure you haven’t had any food before looking at these 9 amazing images. They may turn your stomach…

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Tower Club Lebau – Bangkok, Thailand 

If you’ve seen Hangover 2, you might recognise this place. The suites and hotels at Tower Club Lebau were used for filming the comedy classic. Let’s just say looking down might give you something worse than a hangover!

Casa Del Arbol – Banos, Ecuador

The swing at ‘the end of the world’ certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. Only buckling you in by a loose strap, it veers off into oblivion. As it stretches you out over the Ecuadorian mountainside in the popular tourist town of Banos, it’s not certain whether you’ll swing back to earth again…

Tree House Swinging #casadelarbol #ecuador

A photo posted by Carlo M (@jcarlo) on

Giza Pyramid – Egypt

Why walk like an Egyptian when you can climb like one? This German daredevil illegally hiked to the top of one of Cairo’s iconic pyramids to get this snap, which captivated the world.

These photos will give you a serious vertigo 1
credit/Andrej Ciesielski

Trift Bridge – Swiss Alps

Measuring up at 100 metres tall and 170 metres long, the only suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps isn’t for the timid. The views make for a pretty good distraction from the height, though.

Aiguille Du Midi, Mont Blanc – French Alps

Looking out over the world’s highest glass floor, onlookers can enjoy a spectacular view of Mont Blanc from here. Glance down if you dare…

Altitude 3842m❄️| #AiguilleDuMidi

A photo posted by Nic White (@white_nic) on

Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii – United States America

Popular among tourists (although still technically illegal to climb), Hawaii’s Stairway to Heaven seems like a never-ending climb. You might want to hold on to the railings.

Keep it Surreal ✨✌?️?#stairwaytoheaven #haikustairs #hilife #alohaoutdoors #hawaiiunchained

A photo posted by Melissa Foxwell (@melzyfox) on

Heavenly stairs, Hua Shan – China

This has got to be one of the world’s scariest hikes. As you tackle the vertical climbs and narrow walks, you’ll have nothing but chains to hold you in place while you shimmy across the cliff edge.

Lions Head, Cape Town – South Africa

Peaking at 699 metres tall, Table Mountain offers the most spectacular views over Cape Town. Most people settle for taking them in from a safe distance, but this guy decided to go one step further.

Wee bit steep me lass @ian.ngai #lionshead #capetown #throwback #latergram #sunnydays #scaredofheights #notforfaintofheart

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Devil’s Pool – Zimbabwe

Is this the most extreme infinity pool in the world? Only a meagre slice of rock stands between you and a 100-metre drop over the world’s largest waterfall. Tempted?

Don't worry mum there was someone holding my legs #devilspool #TIA #acaciaisafrica

A photo posted by Henry Bowcock (@hbowcock) on

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