Top 10 layover airports

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Stuck for hours between flights? It’s not all that bad at these entertaining hubs

Travellers are spending more and more time in terminals, thanks to long layovers and recommendations that they arrive hours before their scheduled departure time. Thankfully, as the wait time has increased, so has the calibre of airports’ amenities – in style and sophistication. The offerings in some terminals – from drinking and dining, to ways and places to relax, to the old favourite, duty-free shopping – mean some travellers may soon be visiting these airports as destinations themselves.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Schiphol Airport
It’s only fitting that one of the world’s most memorable cities has one of the most original airports. Inside the airport, there’s a free branch of the national Rijksmuseum where you can take in art from van Gogh and other Dutch masters. Those feeling lucky can try their hand at the in-airport casino for the chance to win big before taking off. If you want to squeeze more time into seeing Amsterdam, high-speed trains run into the city frequently. And Schiphol has one of the coolest offerings of any airport anywhere: a wedding chapel for those wishing to take off in newly wedded bliss.

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Singapore Changi Airport – Singapore

Singapore Changi Airport
The hyper-organised city-state naturally boasts one of the best laid-out and passenger-friendly airports in the world. Besides some of the best pre-flight shopping, the airport offers peaceful gardens complete with koi ponds to soak up some relaxation before flying, a live butterfly garden with a 20-foot waterfall, and free cinemas in two terminals. Those with enough time before take-off can take the free two-hour tour of Singapore and be back in time for boarding.

San Francisco International Airport ­­– San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco International Airport
Making travel smarter, the brainy city by the Bay has its own major cultural institution. The Airport Museum hosts a plethora of art, science and cultural exhibits, including galleries that show more than 40 exhibits per year. One of the coolest airport features anywhere is the Steinhart Aquarium, which features aquatic wildlife from around the world. To help take the stress out of travel with a little “om”, there’s an in-terminal yoga studio. If you’re travelling with little ones, SFO caters to children, with an array of children’s programmes, including educational programming within the airport museum, exhibits of Bay Area students’ artwork, and an educational Kids’ Spot, a play area in conjunction with the city’s Exploratorium science museum. 

Munich Airport Centre – Munich, Germany

Munich Airport Centre
It’s fitting that passengers transiting or leaving Germany can take advantage themselves of traditional German hospitality and cultural accoutrements. From the wurst-filled Airbräu biergarten to a seasonal traditional Christmas market complete with an outdoor ice-skating rink to the beautiful, ultra-modern Terminal 2, travellers are treated to the best of German customs, old and new.

Dubai International Airport – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Airport
With its ambitious and grandiose plans to make itself a world centre, Dubai boasts an airport that is no exception, rapidly closing in on the title of world’s busiest. Besides having some of the best luxury and duty-free shopping anywhere – nearly 50,000 square feet of it – the immaculately kept facilities include a gym and pool for a pre-flight workout, as well as children’s play areas, and a tranquil Zen garden to relieve travel-related stress.

Incheon Airport – Seoul, South Korea

Incheon Airport
Incheon is both one of the world’s 10 busiest airports and one of the most highly rated by passengers. Fittingly, its amenities and user-friendliness match this. Besides the ubiquitous shopping options, there is a spa for unwinding before and after flights, internet lounges, children’s play areas and even an enormous golf course, practice range included.

London Heathrow Airport – London, England

Heathrow Airport
Our very own Heathrow is very well-regarded in terms of its layover options. Shopping opportunities abound, anchored by an 11,000-square-foot branch of Harrods in Terminal 3. There are other luxury British boutiques as well, such as Burberry and Thomas Pink. To catch some Zzzzzzzs, you can check into one of Yotel’s space-stationy, pod-like “rooms” in Terminal 4, which are available by the hour.

Vancouver International Airport – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver International Airport
As both the gateway to Canada’s West Coast and the Asia-Pacific region, Vancouver’s ultra-modern airport straddles both sides of the world with gleaming style and comfort. Summer features Take Off Fridays, bringing all the aspects of a fair to the airport, including free food, an “Underground Circus” with acrobats, caricaturists, local musicians, and DJs spinning right in the terminals. Befitting its maritime location, there is a branch of Vancouver’s aquarium, with a 31,000-gallon tank inhabited by more than 5,000 members of British Columbian sea life, including fish, eels, urchins, and anemones. There’s even a smaller tank, just for showing native jellyfish. If you’re hungry, there are even fine eateries, including a formal Japanese restaurant with a revolving sushi bar showing off the airport’s mountains-meet-ocean location. Native art from the coastal Pacific Northwest adorns the airport throughout, in one of the largest such collections in the world.

John F. Kennedy International Airport – New York, New York, United States

John F. Kennedy International Airport
The best-known feature of the airport is the original TWA terminal, completed in 1962 during the early Jet Age. Its distinctive shape evokes a bird’s wings, and is recognised as an architectural masterpiece and preserved as an official landmark. It was reopened in 2008 as Terminal 5 – or simply T5 – with the building incorporated into JetBlue’s home base, without losing its lustre. JetBlue even puts on a series of shows there, known as “Live From T5”, that features acts such as Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Kany Garcia and others.

Hong Kong International Airport – Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport
This futuristic airport is located on the island of Chek Lap Kok and features the world’s second-busiest passenger terminal, with amenities befitting its status. There’s the requisite collection of luxury and duty-free shopping, including Chanel, Prada, and other couture lines, as well as high-end electronics and liquor. Most striking is the SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course, a full 9-hole regulation golf course, where you can yell “Fore!” before taking off. It’s even fully lit for night-time golfing. For the athletically inclined, there’s iSports, a sports simulator, where you can play basketball, soccer and auto racing. There’s even an IMAX cinema, showing hit 2D and 3D films.

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