Worldwide Travel Plug Guide – Infographic

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Adaptors might not be the most glamorous item in your travel toolkit but there are few items as essential in our 24/7, always-on world.

There are more than 15 different styles of plugs and wall outlets around the world. The most common plug is Type C – used throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

If you’re going to Israel, you’re looking at a Type H, in Italy it’s a Type L and in Thailand Type O. Finding out that you have an adapter for Type M plugs while you’re in a Type O zone is not the sort of discovery you want to make when your device is just about out of juice.

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If you’re travelling soon:

  • Research your destination and find out the type of plug in use.
  • Check with your hotel or hostel; they may have adaptors you can borrow.
  • At some five-star and business hotels the rooms are equipped with universal sockets to accommodate the most common plug types.
  • If you’re going to be travelling around, invest in a single universal plug converter that will work with multiple power points. Or bring a power board, into which you can plug all your devices.
  • Left it until you’re at the airport? The duty-free shops will stock an array of adapters or you may be able to pick one up from your airline’s inflight shop.
  • Remember voltage! Different countries use different voltages and frequencies. There are two ranges:  100-127V and 220-240V. Check your device. You’re looking for an input range of “100-240V 50-60Hz”.


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