A large, partially broken and decaying ship resting on the ocean floor is an arresting sight. Fascinating for not only the story of their sinking, wrecks in many locations become a vibrant artificial reef teeming with colourful and animated marine life.

Diving a shipwreck is one of the most exhilarating and challenging activities you can try. Thousands of cruise liners, military vessels, and cargo ships and fishing boats lie waiting to be explored on ocean floors across the planet.

Coron Bay in the Philippines is one of the best wreck dive sites in the world. The turquoise waters surrounding the Calamian Islands contain numerous large well-preserved wrecks suiting a wide variety of tastes and experiences.

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The star attractions are undoubtedly the wrecks of a WWII Japanese supply fleet sunk by the US Navy in 1944. Learning a little about their history and the story of their sinking before diving will enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of your time underwater.

Of course, what makes wreck diving so thrilling also makes it dangerous, so be sure to dive with a respected PADI-certified operator who plans their dives meticulously.

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