Your favourite cities as told by hashtags

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Whether you’re snapping your newly-tanned #hotdoglegs, looking out into the distance for that perfect #wanderlust shot, or painstakingly arranging your boarding pass and passport for an airport check-in, these days we’re all about keeping friends, family and followers up-to-date with our travel adventures… and perhaps making them just a little bit envious in the process.

And as any avid Instagrammer knows, real travel bragging is all in the hashtags. We’ve scoured your travel Instas across Europe’s top destinations in order to reveal the most popular hashtags by destination. Take a look, then click the link below to play our Hashtag Mapper quiz for a chance to WIN flights to Lisbon…

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Reykjavik, Iceland – #bluelagoon

A trip to Iceland isn’t complete without a visit to the iconic Blue Lagoon, and don’t you guys know it. Take a dip, snap a shot of you in the steamy waters and just be sure not to drop your phone…

Lisbon, Portugal – #tiles

Casually standing by a tiled building or pointing the camera down at your Birkenstocks on a particularly pretty floor – in Lisbon it’s all about the ornate tiles you can find all across the city.

Dublin, Ireland – #guinessbeer

Captioning your photo with “I mean, it would be rude not to” is mandatory as you slurp a pint of Black Stuff. Little do your followers know, post-photo update, you’ll proceed to tentatively sip it once realising you actually find it a little bit too heavy. Chances are, you’ll only manage half a pint before switching to a lager or a G&T.

London, England – #soaked

The Great British Summer might leave a lot to be desired, but if anywhere looks good in the rain it’s London. Just don’t forget your umbrella.

So summery here in London. #soaked

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Marbella, Spain #fitfam

Because #cleanliving doesn’t stop just because you’re on your holibobs. Get those smoothie bowls, morning jogs and yoga beach shots uploaded and let your gym buddies back home know that you’re still making #progress.

Paris, France #cheese

Cheese glorious cheese. Have you even been to Paris if you haven’t ordered a cheese board? The mouldier the better for the Insta-shot, even if you can’t stomach it in reality.

Benidorm, Spain – #banter

Sunshine, beers and full Englishes – all the makings of a Brits Abroad beach break. And the #topbants can definitely be found in Benidorm this summer, according to your hashtagging.

Barcelona, Spain – #sagradafamilia

Not bad for something that still hasn’t finished being built yet. The Sagrada Familia is your top Barcelona attraction and hashtag. Take a bow, Gaudi.

#vscocam #RN_Spain #sagradafamilia

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Ibiza, Spain – #housemusic

There’s nothing like a summer in Ibiza – the booze, those beat drops and the sight of thousands of people throwing their arms in the air and shouting to their friends, ‘OMG this is our jam’. It truly is a sight to behold…

Amsterdam, Netherlands – #craftbeer

Despite Amsterdam putting the ‘hash’ in hashtag (sorry…), it seems weed is so last year in the Dutch capital. This summer it’s all about the craft beer. So make like a hipster and get hashtagging those quirky bars and fancy beer glasses around the city.

Brussels, Belgium – #waffles

Breakfast, lunch or a post-dinner treat, there really isn’t a wrong time to tuck into Belgium’s most famous snack. And if you can angle the photo with something fancy in the background, then all the better.

Verbier, Switzerland – #swissalps

Them views tho. If you’re visiting Verbier, you’re going to spend a lot of time looking out at the glorious vistas and getting, erm, totally candid shots of you being all wanderlusty. Or if you’re not travelling this summer, you’ll be #tbt-ing to that amazing ski holiday you went on last winter.

Copenhagen, Denmark – #coffee

It may have cost you £6, but it was worth every penny for that #coffeeaddict shot.

Berlin, Germany – #beard

Whether you’re snapping your own stubble, or admiring that of another, if you’ve got a thing for facial hair, then you’re going to be spoiled for photo ops in Berlin. And you thought Shoreditch was hipster.

Venice, Italy – #wet

And the award for the most stating-the-obvious hashtag goes to… Yep, Venice has canals. And they are wet. LOLZ.

Rome, Italy – #foodporn

Who cares about the ancient sites, the famous art and the Vatican? All you guys are bothered about is pizza, pasta, risotto and gelato… and we can’t blame you. Om nom nom.

Budapest, Hungary – #bathing

You can’t really do Budapest without heading to a thermal spa. And getting a pre-soak photo before heading into the pools is obligatory.

Stockholm, Sweden – #interiors

Stockholm’s bars, restaurants and Airbnbs are definitely any IKEA fan’s dream come true. Interiors really don’t come cooler than in Sweden’s capital.

Zante, Greece #zante2017

There’s been no summer quite like the summer of #zante2017. Apparently. We’ll take your word for it.


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