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When is the best time to visit Australia?

Ah, Australia – the land down under, Oz. It’s a beautiful place with some of the most stunning beaches, people and natural scenery in the world. There are a multitude of reasons to visit Australia – the sun, the sand, the surf, the surfers – but almost all of those involve glorious weather.

Even at its worst – the Aussie winter period between June and August – most of Australia’s temperatures hover around the 20°C mark. If you’re sticking to the northern territories of Australia and would like a warm break without the intense heat, this might actually be your best bet. Climate-wise, Northern Australian winters feel much like Northern European summers – if not better – so this period of time will not only be quieter and more relaxed, but also will provide a warm break without the intense tropical temperatures of summer.

If you’re looking for classic Australia, however, or if you want to venture as far south as Melbourne, where the winters are less kind, go during their summer months, from December through to February. Not only does this ensure the ultimate escape from British winter, but the best of Australia, too: a tropical holiday season, blazing sunshine, the best surf and a time when everything is going on in Aus.

In Sydney, try one of the many Openair Cinemas – the one on Bondi Beach is our personal favourite – or Sydney Festival, taking place in Hyde Park over January. Alternatively, take the walk from Bondi to Bronte to experience beach culture in its truest sense. If you’re lucky enough to be in Australia for New Year’s Eve, we would, of course, recommend making sure you get a prime position for Sydney’s famous Darling Harbour fireworks show.

In Melbourne, try to catch the Australian Open tennis championship or the eclectic St Kilda Festival. And for everywhere else, we’d really recommend just taking in the relaxed atmosphere and natural beauty of an Aussie summer.

When is the cheapest time to fly to Australia?

There are times when it is possible to find cheaper flights than others. Because of the general price point of UK–Australia flights, there tends to be a larger gap in cost between different flights – hundreds of pounds can be saved by choosing intelligently.

So when are these magical, cheaper times of year? Generally, flight fares dip during off-peak tourist seasons: the winter period. This is between June and August; August flights are traditionally marked down due to the (sometimes) cloudy skies.

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In contrast, prices peak around Christmas – not only a prime time period for tourists anyway, but also the best time of the year for Australian weather. While it’s an amazing time to see the country, we recommend avoiding this time of year if you’re looking for a bargain. Bear in mind that long school holidays in Australia are December/January time.

Use our Flight Finder to find the cheapest routes and dates for your trip.

Which resorts in Australia are most popular?

The classic sights most commonly associated with Australia – Uluru, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Great Barrier Reef – are the ones most popular with Australian tourists. Even the most die-hard travellers will want to tick these bucket-list favourites off the list. They really are as stunning as everyone says.

As all of these things require some travelling around, it is rare that UK visitors to Australia will go to just one destination or city on their trip. Commonly – although not always, it’s your holiday, after all – trips are at least a couple of weeks long, with a number of Aussie resorts visited in that time. For example, travelling the East Coast is a popular route for tourists.

The classic itinerary starts in the north and heads south – Cairns through to Sydney or Melbourne are common journeys. The vibe of each popular stopping point distinctly differs from others on the coast. Cairns is traditionally very relaxed – a party town in the summer, with great beaches and hot weather making it a great place to unwind.

Before you get to the next large city on the route, Brisbane, you’ll come across Fraser Island and the Whitsundays – both highly popular destinations. Drive a 4X4 over Fraser Island’s jungle sand tracks to get to pure white beaches, and sail through the surreally, breathtakingly beautiful Whitsunday Islands. Many also choose the Whitsundays as a point from which to see the Great Barrier Reef – a sight better experienced sooner rather than later.

The next big draw on the route is Gold Coast – famous for excellent surf, clean beaches and, again, the Great Barrier Reef. Next up is Sydney, followed by Melbourne. Both are uniquely cosmopolitan cities, with an atmosphere that is relaxed yet buzzing. Sydney is a much glossier city – it has a healthy, beachy vibe too – whilst Melbourne is more focussed on arts, music and the thriving coffee culture. Remember to check out the tourist must-sees of the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach whilst in Sydney, and Melbourne’s grafittied laneways, Twelve Apostles and Great Ocean Road whilst you’re there.

Which destinations in Australia are cheapest to fly to?

Most of Australia’s main cities and/or territories have major international airports, to which it is often easy to find an affordable flight. These include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth.

These are often similar to one another in terms of price: starting from around £550 for a single Economy ticket from London. Occasionally, cheaper flights may be found to Sydney or Perth – we’ve found a few elusive tickets for £450 – but in general, there are other factors which have more of an impact on the cost of flights.

As discussed above, the time of year that you leave makes a big difference. Flights leading up to the Christmas period are expensive almost without exception. Equally significant, however, is the choice of departure airport. Flights from outside London rise noticeably no matter the choice of Australian destination or time of year. We suggest first travelling to London before embarking on your overseas adventure, if possible. It can save you up to hundreds of pounds per passenger, so it may be worth the potential extra travel time.

How long is the flight from the UK to Australia airports?

With 10,000 miles (16000 km) stretching between London and Sydney, this one was never going to be a short flight – excluding New Zealand and Antarctica, it’s the farthest from the UK you can get.

Depending on the route you choose, therefore, journey time usually takes between 23 and 36 hours. A relatively speedy flight can often prove to be slightly more expensive than a lengthy one, with the cheaper flights usually taking around the 28 hour mark.

Are there are direct flights to Australia?

Due to the distance between the UK and Australia, there are not currently any direct flights available. Commonly, flight stopovers occur around the UAE, Singapore or Hong Kong – although you can often find flights with alternative stopover points.

The length of the journey between the UK and Australia means that a direct journey is so far prohibitive. Considering the length and duration of UK to Australia flights, flying indirect is not such a bad thing. Flight stopovers break up what could otherwise be a superbly long flight, and passengers are often glad for the chance to stretch their legs halfway through.

Some travellers choose to use their stopover as an opportunity to spend a few days elsewhere – finding a flight which stops at a destination that they are interested in visiting. As mentioned, common stopover points are the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, but also include Bangkok and other South East Asian cities. For those wishing to fly to the West, instead of the East, Los Angeles is an oft-desired stopover point. However, bear in mind that this route covers 14 time zones as opposed to 10, making it a longer journey overall.

For those in a rush, flights with very minimal stopover time are available through airlines such as Emirates or Qantas. This can limit the overall flight duration significantly – to around 22-23 hours.

How much is a flight from the UK to Australia?

Flights generally start at around £600 for an Economy class, one-way flight from London. This is assuming some level of flexibility around dates and departure airport.

More commonly, however, an average single journey ticket from any UK airport to Sydney will cost around the £850 mark. Prices are similar regardless of the Australian destination airport, although do try to stick to the main international ones to get the best deals – flying into an obscure airport will likely be more difficult and costly. As suggested above, flights from outside of London are commonly more expensive than those from within London although can still be affordable.

An average return flight from the UK to Australia will cost around £1500 in Economy, and double that for Business Class. Premium Economy is seen by many as a happy medium, with prices for this varying drastically depending on airline, time of year and route.

Which airlines should I fly with to Australia?

Often, the largest spend on an Australia trip will go on getting there. We understand your need to minimise flight costs (to free up more for your holiday!) and so we’ll first recommend, as always, using our Flight Finder to source the best deals. Some of the cheaper airlines are Philippine Airlines, Garuda Indonesia and Malaysia Airlines.

Alternatively, for such a long flight you may want to prioritise comfort and customer service over price. While most long-haul flights are relatively comfortable anyway, some airlines really go the extra mile to make their passengers happy. Emirates, Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines are real standouts in terms of customer service.

We’d also like to give a special mention to Etihad, who offer deals to rival some of the cheapest airlines, combined with stellar benefits. For those looking for a happy medium, this one is a great option.

Are there any low cost airlines that fly to Australia?

Whilst no specifically low-cost airlines fly to Australia from the UK, some are noticeably cheaper than others. As mentioned above, the big-name, high-comfort airlines such as Emirates and Singapore Airlines are the favourites because passengers are generally okay with paying a little more for a long-haul flight.

However, if you really just want to get there on the cheap, use our Flight Finder to find deals with Philippine Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Malaysia Airlines and Etihad.

How do I get around in Australia?

If you’re thinking of heading to more than one destination in Australia – as many people do – the smartest option is to fly. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, but also one of the least densely populated, meaning that there are large swathes of land with very few inhabitants between the main cities.

As it is common for Australians to fly between cities, domestic flights are both convenient and well-priced, with a number of airlines specifically operating within the country – try Jetstar and Tiger for budget flights, or Virgin Australia and Qantas for more a service-focused journey. You can still use our Flight Finder to find deals within Australia – you’ll be directed to our Australian site. Always remember to check it to find the best deals!

If you’re not keen on more flying whilst in Oz, another popular option is to hire or buy a car and make your journey into one huge road trip. There are some great views to be had along the coast which can only be seen whilst on the road, and you can pick up on some hidden gems of beaches if you’re into surfing – or sunbathing. Try the famous Great Ocean Road just south of Melbourne, driving through long desert Bush roads, or cruising over the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a unique view of the Opera House.


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