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With rainforests, deserts, wildlife parks and beaches, the West African country of Cameroon has much to offer intrepid tourists; adventurous travellers book flights to Cameroon to see some of the best that Nature has to offer in Africa. The country is still not a major tourist destination, though the industry is growing fast, so travellers can get a glimpse of the “real Africa”, both in its large towns and in the more deserted countryside.

Geographically, the country packs much interest into a small space. The northern parts are largely savannah, the western parts contain large mountain peaks, while the east stretches out towards the Congo Basin. The coastal region has some stunning beaches, with golden sand, palm trees and almost guaranteed sunshine. But to merely laze on a beach would be to miss much in this stunning country. The wildlife parks offer a chance to spot many of Africa’s big game: elephants, lions and giraffe abound. Its towns have a French colonial style. Douala, the arrival point for all Cameroon flights, especially, is vibrant and active.

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