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The West African country of Ghana is one of Africa’s less-explored gems. The Ghanaian people are renowned as the friendliest in Africa and welcome tourists with open arms. Though the country has experienced rapid growth in recent years, its cities are still basic, compared to larger African countries, and there is mile open mile of stunning countryside to explore.

Accra, its main city, is in the South and the point of arrival for all flights to Ghana. A busy, overcrowded and lively place, it can be initially overwhelming, but many travellers quickly fall in love with its energetic pulse. Every street corner blares out Bob Marley songs from tinny stereos and as night falls street braziers fire up and the (surprisingly delicious) smell of roasting chicken feet spreads across the town.

But most holidaymakers book Ghana flights not for its cities but for the wildlife and nature. The Southern coast, once home only to the Western slave trade, is now dotted with stunning white sand beaches and the old slave forts are popular tourist attractions. Most of the wildlife reserves are in the north, with Mole National Park the most popular, where sightings of elephants, gorillas and wart hog are inevitable. At Kakum National Park tree canopies and walkways stretch out for acres and visitors can spend the night sleeping high up in the trees’ branches.

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