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Africa's most populous nation and biggest oil producer, Nigeria is a fascinating destination. With a coastline on the Gulf of Guinea and Benin, Niger, Chad and Cameroon as neighbours, tourists should be seeking cheap flights to Nigeria in greater numbers. Sadly, years of civil war, military dictatorships and sectarian conflict among Nigeria's 250 tribes - not to mention tensions between the Muslim population and the Christian population, who live in the oil-producing south - mean that only the hardiest tourists visit this land. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office advises against all but essential travel to several parts of the country so tourists must keep their wits about them after landing from Nigeria flights.

Nigeria is diverse. The Obudu Hills in the southeast give way to beaches. In the middle and southwest of Nigeria are rainforest, the Lagos estuary and savannah. The Sahel melts into the Sahara in the north.

Apart from Abuja, the capital, and former capital, Lagos, Nigeria has several national parks including Old Oyo, Yankari, and Cross River.

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