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Why go to Kefalonia?

The Greek island of Kefalonia has, for many years, been amongst the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. Matching its striking natural beauty and diverse wildlife with a rich and detailed history that stretches back forty thousand years into the past, Kefalonia offers a once in a lifetime experience for every visitor, whatever their tastes.

The primary island settlements of Argostoli, Lixouri and Skala give holidaymakers every opportunity to relax, indulge and to enjoy the vast local cuisine and the vibrant night life. Travellers whose passions are more nature-orientated will find an unforgettable boat trip into the Melissani cave. Though local folk tales may claim the cave ius the home to the water nymphs, most visitors today are more likely to marvel at the stunning surroundings that marry woodland, mountains, and a lake all within one cave. A short journey along the coast reveals Kefalonia's second geological landmark: the stony Myrtos Beach, whose bright white pebbles create a dazzling effect under the summer sun. Wildlife lovers are known to frequent Kefalonia solely for its rare and endangered animals, from the loggerhead turtle to the monk seal.

But enjoying the sun and the idyllic Mediterranean surroundings of Kefalonia are just one part of any memorable stay on the island. First of all, visitors will have to be aware of travel arrangements and services offered both locally, and internationally.

How far is the airport from the city and which airlines fly to Kefalonia from UK?

Kefalonia Island International Airport is found 6 miles outside Argostoli, and throughout the summer months it is a popular destination for flights from a host of UK airports, including London Gatwick, Luton and Stansted; Birmingham; Manchester; Bristol and Cardiff. Many of the most popular airlines provide services, including easyJet, Monarch, Ryanair, Thomson and Thomas Cook. During the rest of the year it handles traffic from Athens and an Ionian Island Hopper service multiple times a week.

How to get to city centre from the airport?

Kefalonia Island International Airport is easily accessible via taxi or hire car from both the island's capital Argostoli, and from Lassi: one of Kephalonia's most popular resort towns. Public transportation on the island is minimal: buses run infrequently, and there is no direct service to the airport. However, because of this, many of the islands hotels provide their own private shuttle bus service to the airport.

What are the visa requirements for British and non-EU nationals?

As a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) as a part of Greece, Kefalonia is an incredibly accessible destination with anybody holding a European passport, or a Schengen area visa. Indeed, Any UK resident will need only their standard passport to be granted entry to the island, and many other nationalities beyond the EEA enjoy similar freedoms, including Canada, the United States, and Australia.

How to get around the Island?

As previously mentioned, the internal transportation of Kefalonia is limited, and the island's bus service has been reduced in recent years to save money. With no train service, either, tourists are usually reliant on car rental and taxi services. However, the picturesque terrain is reason to enjoy Kefalonia at a slower pace: many visitors choose to travel on foot or cycle over shorter trips.

When to Visit Kefalonia?

The island of Kefalonia is at its most beautiful throughout the summer months, as locals so often refer to the island's incredible quality of light during this time of year. This is also the time when the island is most accessible. However, with temperatures rarely falling to freezing, Kefalonia is a relaxing break at any time of the year, and visitors looking to avoid the crowds will find an unspoilt tranquillity throughout the off-season months.

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Interesting information about Kefalonia

Kefalonic   Kefalonia
Avg temperature for this monthKefalonia31.3 °CSource: World Weather Online
Avg rainfall for this month inKefalonia7.9 mmSource: World Weather Online
Average flight duration toKefalonia3 hrs 40 mins
Rate of exchange inKefalonia€1.00 = £0.80Source: Oanda
Which airlines fly toKefaloniaOlympic Airways, Air Berlin and Air France
Deals on flights toKefalonia614
Partners with deals toKefaloniaRyanair, Thomson and easyJet
Advertisers with deals toKefalonia5
Cheapest flights offer toKefalonia£86
Avg flight offer toKefalonia£560