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Visitors booking flights to North Carolina can rest assured they are well taken care of. After all, this is where flying first took off. In 1903, the Wright Brothers powered the first flight at Kill Devil Hill near Kitty Hawk. Today, visitors to Kitty Hawk can pay homage to the first man-powered flight at the Wright Memorial at Kitty Hawk.

North Carolina flights are packed full of visitors heading to the southern state for a stay on the beaches at the Outer Banks, an overnight camp trip in the Great Smoky Mountains, or some shopping in one of North Carolina’s major shopping districts. To date, North Carolina produces the largest amount of furniture in the US.

Tourism is vital to the North Carolina economy. The state sees more than $1 billion annually from visitors booking North Carolina flights and hotel accommodations. North Carolina tourists take part in everything from golfing, skiing, beach visits, fishing, hunting, and of course, some serious shopping. And who can blame them? With a state as diverse as North Carolina, it’s no wonder people come back for more.

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