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A quick summary of California is difficult. Its variety and diversity—even its weather—are more extreme than most states and depending on the type of holiday you're after you'll have to choose which part of the state you'd like to visit before booking your California flight. “Extreme” could sum up California: Northern and Southern Californians each claim to be a different, and separate, state; the north has old redwood forests and towns almost too small to put on a map; the south has glitz, glamour, and Hollywood stars too big to put on a map. 

The common thread through California is diversity. Geographically, California has redwood forests, the rich and fertile Central Valley, the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, deserts, and hundreds of miles of coastline. The creative traveller booking flights to California will be happy to learn that the state continues to produce a wealth of creativity in both the arts and sciences, and is home to some of the leading universities in the world. Movie stars abound in LA, as do rollerblading hotties in Venice Beach, and engineers in Silicon Valley. The state is home to world-renowned cities, and people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds continue to migrate to and settle in California.

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