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Georgia overview

Sit back on the flight to Georgia and envision yourself in the Deep South during the Civil War. Whether you're channelling Scarlett O'Hara or Rhett Butler, it's not to remember the image of Georgia's burning landscape in the classic, Gone With The Wind. In recent decades, Georgia has served as the backdrop to other Hollywood movies and Georgia flights are packed with people eager to experience a bit of southern culture here.

Heavy green trees, lush parks and plantations that make the south so special are also what attracts visitors. That, and the fact that many of today’s films are shot on location here including American Beauty and Driving Miss Daisy. Long gone are the days of hoop dresses and bonnets, and uniforms and caps, but Cotillions still take place and Georgia residents pride themselves on their good old-fashioned values.

From the bustling city of Atlanta to the charming town of Savannah, travellers coming off their Georgia flights will always be welcome in the Peach State with some warm Southern hospitality and graciousness.

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Georgia climate

Summer temperatures in Georgia range from the 20s (C) to the 30s, occasionally rising to the mid 30s. The winter temperatures are generally in the mid-teens. In Atlanta the summers are very humid with temperatures around the mid-20s to 30s. Temperatures in winter reach the single digits, sometimes even dipping below freezing at night. Inland and southern Georgia are much drier and hotter, but the higher altitudes tend to be cooler. Temperatures seldom drop below freezing in winter anywhere in the state. The longest seasons are spring and autumn, while December to April are the wettest months.

When to fly to Georgia

Peak Season:
Sporting events and folk, craft, art, and music festivals take place during the busy coastal summers. State and local fairs are held mainly in August and September. In spring everything blooms in as many colours as you can imagine, and the fall foliage is particularly beautiful. Atlanta is busy year round with conventions and trade shows. Check before making your reservations as large conventions can mean high rates and long waits in line.

Off Season:
Finding cheap flights to Georgia is much easier in July and August. In Atlanta there are tons of great discounts to be had, and many hotels offer reduced rates over Christmas.

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Getting around Georgia

You’ll need a car to get around since Georgia is quite rural. Internal flights to several Georgia destinations, including smaller cities are available. If you prefer to travel by train, Amtrak trains have stops in Georgia and the Georgia railways cover the state. Bus service to other cities is also available in Georgia, and several daily buses run along the coast and Savannah, but beyond that the bus service is intermittent.

Taking a car, taxi, or the MARTA rapid-rail subway trains is necessary in Atlanta. The historic district of Savannah can be explored on foot, and the rest of the city explored by public transit and taxis.

Bikers will be pleased to hear that several bicycling organisations exist in Georgia. The well known Southern Bicycle League, which organises dozens of rides every year, and the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia, which holds an annual cross-state event and numerous smaller rides throughout the year.

Georgia insider information

  • Atlanta, Georgia’s capital, has a host of museums and attractions to keep any visitor well-entertained. The Children’s Museum, called Imagine It! is probably one of the most unusual. The aim of the museum is to encourage children to play together and discover the power of imagination and the “delight of learning”. The museum has many interactive exhibits along with numerous special events related to all the arts ranging from readings of Dr Seuss to a circus workshop.
  • Don’t miss a trip to Atlanta’s two most famous residents’ museums. The Margaret Mitchell House was the home of the author and is now a visitor centre and museum. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site comprises numerous buildings around the birthplace of the human rights activist in Auburn, Atlanta. Also part of the site are a visitor centre, the Ebenezer Church, where King was baptised, and the King Centre.
  • Cumberland Island, the largest and southernmost barrier island, is one of the more secluded attractions in Georgia. Nature lovers will love visiting the deer, raccoons, bull alligators and armadillos, while the beaches hold loggerhead turtles, sand pipers and ospreys. But there’s more to the island than its wildlife. The 17 miles of beaches that surround Cumberland Island are pure white sand.
  • Described by the UN as a “wetland of international importance”, the enormous Okefenokee Swamp measures 38 miles by 25 miles. To preserve the unique ecosystem of the swamp the surrounding area was made into a wildlife refuge back in 1936. A swamp drive, camping, hiking, fishing and canoeing are all on offer at the swamp. If you happen to be visiting in October then don’t miss the Okefenokee festival which takes place on the second Saturday of every October.
  • One of the oldest cities in the state, and in America, Savannah was the site for many of the civil war battles. Today, the city is perfectly preserved, with a mix of old buildings in the central historic district and new developments. A fun way to see the city is to hop on a one-hour trolley tour, kids especially will find this entertaining.

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