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The bustling town of Kavos, situated on the south of Corfu Island, has been a popular destination with British tourists since the 1990s. Those booking flights to Kavos come not for an authentic Greek experience, but to enjoy its many nightclubs, restaurants and bars, and, if there is time, to laze on the beaches during the day. If you are looking for a party destination with guaranteed sun, Kavos is the place to go. The peak time for tourists flocking on flights to Kavos is during the summer months of June to September when the temperature is at sweltering 30 degrees Celsius and when schools, colleges and universities are on their holidays.

Travelling outside of the peak summer months will offer visitors the opportunity to benefit from cheap flights to Kavos, as well as fewer packs of partiers, quieter nights and a less crowded beach.

Kavos overview

The focus of the town is the main strip, where most of the bars and clubs stand. The restaurants serve mostly English food, though if you search long enough it is still possible to find the odd Greek taverna. Shopping too is focused on tourists, with most shops solely stocking souvenirs. During the day, almost everyone (who isn’t sleeping off the excesses of the night before) heads for the beach. Its length is its main attribute, at almost five miles long, but it is nonetheless crowded. This isn’t the prettiest spot on Corfu, but it is certainly one of the liveliest.

Getting around Kavos

Flights to Kavos arrive in the Corfu International Airport (CFU), 30 miles to the north at Corfu Town. The transfer is short and no matter what time of night or day you arrive, the streets will be thronged with fellow tourists.

Kavos insider information

  • Visit a different bar on each day of your holiday. The chances are you are unlikely to get round them all in this most touristy area of Corfu.
  • Indulge your passion for being towed along behind a motor boat and falling off the banana, the rings or whatever is the theme for the year.
  • Hire a scooter to get out of Kavos and discover a bit more of the island. It is a chance to get away from the crowds and practice saying "Kalispera" (Good evening) to any locals you meet.

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