21 signs you spend all your money on travel

Whoever said the best things in life are free couldn’t have been much of a traveller. Although there’s no charge to watch the sunset over Santorini, or no fee to sit on the Spanish Steps and watch the world go by, forking out for transportation and accommodation can sometimes leave travellers feeling a tad penniless. True travel junkies will rarely have money to spend on anything else but their adventures and probably spend most of their time scouring travel sites like us, Cheapflights.co.uk to find the best deals to visit new and exciting places.

Feel like you can relate? Here are 21 signs that you spend all your money on travel.

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1. There’s nothing but foreign currency in your wallet.

2. Fred Flintstone had a car more modern than yours.

3. Your ‘ripped jeans’ didn’t have holes in them when you bought them.

4. You’ve had more than one go at cutting your own hair because the cost of a haircut equates to at least a night’s accommodation abroad (sometimes three or four if you’re staying in dorms).

5. You’ve thought about selling all your personal belongings to pay for a plane fare.

6. You can read your passport like a book, there are so many stamps and visas in it.

7. You’ve wallpapered your room with maps and photos.

8. You mine sweep the bottom of your bag for loose change and find nothing but sand in the lining.

9. You’re debating moving back in with your parents to save money on rent.

10. You took your last date to a street food stand for dinner rather than fork out on fine dining.

11. You took your last date’s leftover dinner home with you in a doggy bag, to cover lunch the next day.

12. Find a penny, you’ll pick it up

13. Find a few pennies, you’ll pop them in a piggy bank, and attempt to pay for your groceries with them when you have saved enough.

14. All your clothes tell a story, like those baggy trousers you bought at sunset on the beach in Ibiza.

15. You give gifts like personalised playlists and Netflix night punch cards that entitle the bearer to X nights of watching movies with you.

16. Your fridge contains a ketchup jar, a pebble-sized chunk of cheese, and crumbs. You’ll eat when you’re on holiday.

17. Your guidebooks have started to fill in for furniture – why buy a new coffee table when that stack of Lonely Planets will support your java just as well?

18. Your family are more likely to receive a postcard from you than a birthday or Christmas card.

19. You laugh in the face of sell by dates – you’ve eaten sheep’s brain in Morocco, so a three-day-old ham sandwich isn’t going to do you any harm. Waste not, want not.

20. You’d rather buy a backpack than a Louis Vuitton.

21. You can’t remember the last time you bought shampoo and conditioner – those hotel miniatures last forever…

Hmm… maybe it’s time you considered cutting back on that travel habit…

…Who are we kidding? Feed that wanderlust by heading onto Cheapflights.co.uk and start searching for your next adventure.

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